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i’m waiting for the day

the blueprint diary circa 1998Today was a pretty normal day. There were no promotions where I took pictures, so I pretty much just added promotions to the website. Typical situation. I did let a friend know that there is a Sonic Youth show coming up. He was unaware. I found this suprising. He IS a huge SY fan and he IS a big geek and all in to computers and what not. So i would presume he’d just have known. Regardless he didn’t. So I told him to try and get tickets on a whim they mights still have some. Tickets went on sale two weeks ago for a club of maybe 2000 people and there were still tickets available. I am pretty sure I will go with him, if not, I will go with my friend Jessie H, or both. She used to be my concert buddy until she moved to Philly. Booohooo. 930 Club misses you hun. Anyways…so this Sonic Youth concert will be good. I always told myself I wanted to see them in a decent club and not in a festival setting. So this could be it…this could be my moment with Sonic Youth…news as it happens

Today my BBS crashed. There was a settings file that got corrupt. I sent out all these emails to the tech support people for my server thinking it was their fault, when it was prolly the software’s fault. Oh well…I apologize. Regardless the software is working fine now with minimal loss (one board got reset to 2 weeks ago). It was bizzare though, cos as soon as the BBS went down I had 15 IMs telling me the BBS was down…then I checked my email and I had a dozen emails waiting for me…it’s like a network of OM BBS junkies! I love it…I feel loved. Or at least the OM Electrons do!

don’t think too hard about past

Soundtrack of the work day: Jane’s Addiction, Cure, Dee-Lite, Yo La Tengo, Suzanne Vega, & Verve, Zut’s fresh pineapple, toast and marmalde mix tape.

trans amTonight was Trans Am at the Black Cat in DC… I just got back from dropping off Jessie, my concert go-er/make fun of girl/have a good time/friend. This show was so crazy. First off, what is up with awful opening bands? They should have a set requirement and standards for awful-ness in not allowing such horrendous trash. First off: the very first band was almost a bad Danzig/Kixx rip off. Very late 80s metal. Very badd. (yes, two d’s!—it was that baddddd) It was definately time to move on or time to put your guitar down and try the clarinet. Then second next band was a psudo-noise/experiemental outfit. Now this could have been interesting, but their style was so out of whack that it was just trite and boring not to mention their coping with the nasty comments from the pissed-off crowd were horrifically controlled and sometimes embarrassing. They almost had the tops right, but the casual shorts didn’t set well with my frame of mind and overall vibe of their wears. Get with it, or don’t even bother trying. At least get a person to do your woredrobe if you are gonna try. It’s not hard.

Then finally around midnight, my boys, Trans Am, hit the stage. It was so great to hear the new material from their upcoming CD entitled ‘Red Line’ an obvious play at one of the Metro Lines here in DC (it’s actually the line i take to work!) They didn’t play much old stuff or much electronic stuff either, which was a little saddening, but it was still great to see them and as always it makes me want to go lock myself in my room and create sounds.

And now a little house keeping: I will get the Trans Am pictures up and into the photo gallery from tonight’s show as soon as i get them developed. Also, take part in our new poll of your favorite cartoon from the 80s!

puma street cat

Soundtrack for the past couple days: The Byrds, Billie, Roni Size, Can, Luna.

mat's dream shoesSo you remember the saga of the search for the perfect puma shoe? Well after my search with Zut and my search with Jessie, the search is over. At work the other day i was professing my worries that i would never find my dream shoe to my fellow Discovery Channel employee. He is actually is a merchandise orderer (or something) for the Discovery Store dotcom. Very cool dude. Leaves me notes ‘to have a fabulous weekend’ etc. And next week he gets to go to the largest shoe convention in the world. Lucky man!! Anyways…he suggested checking out puma.com and low-and-behold. Boom!!! They are there. Wow…I am one happy man! My dream has come true!