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2 degrees away from Johnny Herndon

Last night was fun. After work we headed over to Georgetown to the Paper Source to look for paper for our wedding invitations. We decided that we’re going to get the invitation letterpress printed. It just looks so much better. But of course it’s more than twice the price. But for an event like this, it’s well worth it even if only one person notices besides us. And the rest of the stuff we’ll make ourselves.

After the paper store we went to a Vietnamese restaurant. Keep in mind this is Georgetown, so it’s basically just normal Asian food. But it was good and totally brought my blood/sugar level back to normal. The Phở was good. Not like it is in Wheaton, but it was still pretty good.

And we left Frankie out of the crate the whole time. She did great. She’s amazing. She’s superdog.

And today I got a note on Friendster that my old friend is DJing with Johnny Machine tonight. I almost shit my pants. I am 2 degrees away from Johnny Machine! And it turns out Johnny’s wife and my friend are business parters, so they see each other all the time. Why can’t I be in Chicago tonight?

commander mindfuck

hey baby-yo baby!Soundtrack of the weekend: The Clash’s rockers galore and give em enough rope, The Rentals’ return of, Built to Spill’s keep it like a secret, Isotope 217’s commander mindfuck & the unstable molecule, The Flaming Lips’ transmissions and hear it is, frank black and the catholics, Prince’s 94 East, oval’s ovalprocess, panasonic’s aaltopiiri. (PS- Click on image to see polaroids from the weekend)

Friday night I finally had all my wet dreams of seeing Johnny Machine play drums in the same room as me. I also learned there are two drummers for Isotope! However, I was less than pleased with Johnny Machine’s attire. He looked pretty stylish in all the pictures I had seen and for a very mature band I was less than impressed. He reminded me a little of a one of those pseudo-hiphopsters. You know the kind, the ones who wear those addidas pants that are made out of parachute cloth and have the rip away buttons. Hehehe… Anyways, Isotope rocked hard and did bore Jessica out of her mind! I did get to meet Daniel and Joe and their weird lumberjack friend who didn’t like Prince and ate at a cool lil’ Philly diner where they danced to porn music next door. Seriously! At least Daniel and Joe like good music. JOHNNY MACHINE IS GOD! And I did get to spend most of the evening following Johnny’s hands and shoeless feet. For those of the unlearned, Johnny “Machine” Herndon is the drummer/percussionist extrortianaire for the bands: Tortoise and Isotope, to name a few.

Saturday we did Philly and South Street. Went shopping for CDs and edible underwear (sorta) and rings and gloves and purses (for Jessica) I found three rings at this place that had an owner that reminded me of 7-11s here in MD. And how they always have “someone from India” working there. But in the south there was the “causasion bear footed smoking pregnant woman” behind the counter. I thought that was a riot! I digress. South Street gets more fun each time I go! Sunday we hit the malls looking for a simple pocket watch. No fucking watch was found!!! Someone, please, for the love of god, find me a silver indiglow (highly preferred) pocket watch with out a cover that isn’t fugly!!! Happy Sunday!