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Laundro’s 2005 Year in Review

This is the fun part of doing a journal where you get to look back and see all of the silly and sometimes intense things one does over the last 12 months. If you only read one post on my journal this whole year, I suppose this would be the one worth reading.

  1. January
    Started a new job and finally went to the West Coast San Francisco.
  2. February
    My Wedding Breakdown.
  3. March
    OM was already SISA, but in March briefly became EM.
  4. April
    New washer/dryer. It changed my life. Lomo’s LC-A stops production. A sad day.
  5. May
    Emily got me the Nikon D1. Digital photography changed my life for a day. A fun toy. Lomo #1 is back from the dead. Emily hijacks OM. Traffic doubles.
  6. June
    Saw the Pixies for the first time. Awesome show, but reaffirmed my opinion on reunions. Started inoculations for diseases for going overseas including ones for getting frisky with the locals there.
  7. July
    The iPod is purchased and changes my life. I listen to music again. We sell the beloved Nikon Coolpix 5000. I still miss it. Borf is caught and I have my 1,002nd post.
  8. August
    Bob Moog dies. The Great CD Challenge of 2004/5 is no longer a challenge. We have our Wedding shower and get the invites out. Lance is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.
  9. September
    Pretty much the month of final Wedding prep.
  10. October
    Wedding and Honeymoon. Super yay!
  11. November
    Music breakdown.
  12. December
    Studio construction has begun. I am beside myself.