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everybody’s been burned

Recognized bands from songs played before tonight’s show: Swervedriver, The Flaming Lips and The Pixies…

Tonight I was invited out to see a band I knew little to nothing about. I had heard the CD a little at work and researched them minimally on allmusic.com. From the CD they sounded pretty mediocre. The allmusic review was a little nicer than I would have reviewed. Regardless the show was pretty rock. Mad props to Morgan and her Capital Records gig for the hook-up.

The opening band was supposedly the sister of Jon Spencer of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion fame. She was pretty cool looking at least. She wore knee high socks and a tank top. She was cute i guess. They were called Brassy. They were sorta rock like JSBX but had a turntable dude who also played the drums. Had some punk influence. Bottom line was they seemed to have something going on, but I don’t think it worked whatever it was. Sorta like the No Doubt syndrome. What a shame for Spencer genes. Although the bassist played a thunderbird bass with wrist sweatbands…she got it goin’ on.

Then came Idlewild. They are Scottish, just like Def Leppard. They came on and didn’t even waste my time rocking. Balls to the wall loudness and a singer with out a guitar. There were two guitarists, one that I actually noticed and the other off to the left behind an amp and classy looking keyboard he didn’t even play. The bassist was a sight. That man didn’t sit still. That is rock to me. It was nice to see a band that rocked with emotion and didn’t seemed pissed off at the world. They didn’t even have bad lyrics!

I even went to the club alone for the first time ever, and had a splendid time. I should prolly do that more often! It was also cool meeting all the 930 Club peeps beforehand. Those people are just so nice! Oh yeah, Idlewild pictures will be up tomorrow…

Oh yeah, last nite my good friend Karin was in town. After dinner I picked her up at her parents house and we went out to the dinner. Along the way we listened to some band called the PAVERS. They were really neat. Sorta punky but very melodic and clever lyrics. Not silly clever, but clever clever. It’s always dope (pardon the pun) chilling with her. We always catch up on the latest gossip and how our jobs are treating us. So that was a nice treat for my week.