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no poor breakfast

no poor breakfast!Today was such a fun day. Work was fun work. Did the new DJ Bio page among other daily tasks. Woo! After work was the first game for “No Poor Breakfast.” Which is Elliot’s new kickball team. I couldn’t have had such a good time if i tried. I didn’t even play. Well i WAS an alternate, but all i did was take pictures. I did “sport” shots. It would have been fun seeing me play in my DMs. Would have loved that. But then who would have taken the pictures? The best was the opposing team thought they were clever and made a sign. It read: “Elloit Sucks!” I kid you not. Good thinking. I wish I shot a picture of it…but as soon as she held it up, the hecklers had a field day and she wallowed in the metaphorical corner. Too funny. I am finally beginning to feel like part of the family. And not like an in-law. It’s a good feeling. I can’t wait for Chili Cook-Off on Saturday. It will be a lot of fun, but a fuck load of work as well. I gotta make sure my ISDN lines are put in, installed and operational for my webcam there. I’ll have to man the cam and take all the photos of the artists with our staff and while on stage. I’ll need to get there at 7am that morning to prepare. I’ll be there until prolly 8pm. Then Tortoise is playing at 930 Club that night. And speaking of Tortoise, I got an email from Thrill Jockey Records (their label) today after using my charm for a photo pass for the show. Here is the email:

From: howard [xxxxxx@thrilljockey.com]
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2001 6:35 PM
To: m@om.com


I have instructed tortoise’s tour manager, Juan, to leave a photo
pass for you at the door.

Enjoy the show.

Thrill Jockey Records
PO Box 08038
Chicago, Illinois 60608
312-492-9634v / 9640f

Thrill Jockey has always been my favorite label and has been my model for Olympus Mons Records. But this really did it for me. Getting an email back the same day was incredible. Phenomenal artists, phenomenal label peeps, and with every order you get free posters. What more could a music snob want? Going to go listen to some Nabukazu Takamura and maybe some Dylan. I love life.