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landon practicing his guitar guide
I met Landon in college. My first year in college at the University of Hartford. It was 1995. We played in a band with another mutual friend, Gabe. Landon played bass. Gabe played guitar and sang. We all loved Dinosaur Jr. A lot. Among other things. A few years go by. We all get degrees and day jobs. Then me and Emily decide to hit up some New England and visit Boston for a day. But we can’t visit Boston and not visit Landon. So we hit him up for a few hours on our last trip there this past September. There we talked about him coming down to record a few cuts with me in my studio. I never really thought it would actually happen. I mean I totally wanted him to come down, I just didn’t think it would come to fruition.

In fact it did happen. He’s here now. We’ve been recording since 11am this morning. It’s now 1.48am. That’s almost 15 hours of pure recording and I still have a few more hours in me. Today we layed down some bossa nova drum beats. I played along with the CR-8000. And Landon layed down some guitar with Gordon’s Martin acoustic. Gordon also wrote out some piano parts to play. But we were all loosing steam and decided to call it quits at about 1.30am. Gordon will finish up the piano tomorrow. Shouldn’t be a problem. I am having a blast. It’s great spending time with good people, not to mention someone I’ve known for almost a decade.

It’s days like these that make me realize what I am truly happy doing. It’s days like these that make me wish I could change my definition of the word “job”. I think it’s totally possible.

Gordon messing with the knobs

Gordon playing the drums so I can set levels

Landon rolling out the Gordon’s Martin acoustic

And today we give you yet another wonderful design from the ever lovely Emily. OlympusMonsStudios.com. I love you Emily.

aaron leibersomething

DLYSCH (5k image)So what the hell has been going on?

Christmas and Channukah was great this year. Emily and myself decided to make our gifts this year. We canned a few types of jelly & apple sauce, made magnets, felted pillows, made sachets for wool sweaters, did that bath salt thing, and made Xmas ornaments (yes, i soldered them). And we put it all in a wonderful wood box completely painted by us. I was so impressed with ourselves in the end. It only took 3 months to make 5 boxes. Anyways… So yeah. And New Years was normal. I am getting more and more done with New Years every year. What’s the big deal. We spent it this year with some work people at the studios. They broadcasted all night. Fun times.

So in other news, I am working with a few guys in some new bands. One is just me and this guy David who does electronics stuff. Motherfucker modifies computrons and casios. So it’s him on the Juno and some casios. Me on the SK1/5, my Juno and a ring modulated Roland beat box. And it’s all soundscapes and drones with small beats in the background. The other band is more cohesive and linear and Gordon plays in that one as well as David. And I am on drums and synth. It’s coming together. And we might possibly record soon. That is what I am looking forward to. And some shows will be fun.

And since I’ve been working non-stop on my studio, I invited my old friend from Boston to come record a few tracks with me. He’s coming in late January. It’s great having my studio grow. It’s the one place I am truly comfortable in, all the time. And having Gordon help with it is a godsend. The dude knows so much about MIDI and DAW is makes me sick. Oh, and this Saturday Zander is coming down to start pre-production on his almost done EP. In fact the kiddo has well over a full albums worth of material, but he’s thinking more along the lines of an EP. Which is totally cool. Happy Birthday, Zander.

And finally, I turn 27 a week from yesterday. Late 20s. Quite weird.

And some good stuff is coming our way. Like amazingly good. At least amazing for Emily and myself. But I can not really say much more as I do not want to jinx anything. But it’s quite wonderful. Karma is a good thing! More on that as it propagates.

:: favorite part of the holidays
41.1% :: pooping a lot
35.2% :: the food
11.7% :: seeing friends
11.7% :: seeing family
00.0% :: singing happy birthday

and he got knocked up by the jan-ih-ter

in the bum, lexfirs ----- sparklers (21k image)Tonight I took the Moms out to dinner. She told me that Ted Demme died. He was the son-in-law to our next door neighbors. I prolly met the dude a couple times as he was always over at their house. He was just “Ted.” Nothing more, nothing less. Just very odd how some of us put people on pedistals. Small world.

Which reminds me of college when my band at the time, LANDON, was playing a show at the University of Hartford Art Opening or something. We seemed to always open for this band that had only a standup bass (played by this boy named Floyd with whom Zut was obsessed with for a little while after we broke up), Ed on drums and some guy on the AM radio. Ed wasnt a drummer. He wasnt even good at trying to be a drummer. The only real memorable experience with him was hearing about his fear of dirty teeth. I tell you, the man brushed his teeth more times that I say “awesome” in any given day. So one day Ed decides he is going to tie himself to a tree in dental floss which his mouth propped open and a mirror will be right in front of him. He did this standing there for days. I wonder how he ate.

there’s a fine line between stupid and clever.

So what did Ed have to do with my band Landon? I cant even remember.

I do remember playing some shitty ass gigs. But that one Art Show was pretty cool in that I played two trash cans, a few shakers and whatever else I could find. I think I had a 40 and a wine bottle too. That day I found the power of the shakers. It moved me. I think it stemmed from my love of early Verve records. I, of course, taped the show and took a few of the lines of audience banter and placed it at the end of a new MONS song. I wonder if new MONS songs are even new anymore. Prolly not. Oh well. I bed my PO Box needs to be renewed. Arg.

is this a fantasy or is this mine