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white people is you funky?

yes, he is cooler than you - prince_versace (8k image)So it happened. I am still in an orgasmic awe. My wet dream of years finally came to be, last nite. Basically if i died in 5 minutes, I would die a happy man. Last night I got to see Prince at the Warner Theatre in Row J. Yes, that means 10th Row. Yes, that means Prince and his 4″ heels and 26″ waist were a mere 30 feet from my eyes. I cant even fathom the words to describe what I am still feeling.

* Larry Graham on bass for a few songs including a Sly Stone tune
* Larry Graham and his unbearably consistant large smile
* Prince breaking out in to Love Rollercoaster by the Ohio Players
* Prince playing Joni Mitchell’s A Case of You (which he actually played at the August 1983 show which gave Purple Rain 3 songs from and was the first time Prince actually played a cover live)
* Prince playing Boys and Girls
* Prince playing How Come You Dont Call Me Anymore
* Prince playing Raspberry Beret
* Carlos Santana joining Prince for the last 2 encores of Anna Stesia and Joy in Repitition (be sure to check out Carlos tonite as i am sure Prince will make an appearance.
* Prince’s drummer and his above par (Tommy Lee as the median) playing and stick twirling
* Rhonda and her sick and sleezy bass lines

Even after moving Emily from Baltimore on Sunday, and being sore as shit and getting little sleep, I still shook the booty more than I ever have. Thank goodness Bo, and Patricia showed up. It’s nice when people who say they are going to show up actually show up. Bo is a very splendid guy. And he also doesnt require a borrowed video camera to get his help for a few hours. And Sunday during the day, we went to Church to see Emily’s father talk and read stuff from the bible. I think he said ‘Jewish people’ a lot. And Nan sang a lot. And did i mention how good she looks with her hair straight. After that we got lunch. I ate so much food. Sooooooooooo much. But it was so good. Anyways. So I can now die a happy man. I cant thank Buddy enough for using his charm to get me these killer, killer, killer seats. I owe him the world. So if you do one thing before you die, live life a little and see Prince. Do yourself a favour. Go to church.

Prince :: one night alone :: Warner Theatre 31march2002 Washington DC
the rainbow children
muse 2 the pharoah
a case of u
1+1+1=3/love rollercoaster
the other side of the pillow
strange relationship
sing a simple song
la la la means i love u
didnt u know (erika baydu)
when u were mine
family name
take me with u
raspberry beret
piano medley
diamonds and pearls
beautiful ones
nothing comepares 2 u
girls and boys
joy in repitition (with santana)
ana stasia (with santana)
purple rain
how come you dont call me anymore
sometimes it snows in april