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boisatwork:: haha okay yes, i admit i am an art fag

dustin at TGIF - dustineat (15k image)Yesterday I signed my lease for the new house me and Laura are moving in to. But before that Emily, Laura and myself had lunch at Yuan Fu’s. Yum! Turns out i will be doing a lot of gardening which i really actually kind of like. There is a huge herb section of the garden which will be perfect for Laura’s cooking! And there is a fig tree! I’ll also have to take care of the Poi Pond. And they have this great rain collector to water the plants with. Super hippie action. They were also planning on taking their Golden Retriever, but i told her how much i adore dogs, so she may leave Maggie for me to take care of. That would rule!

After that Laura dropped me off at home where Emily was playing THE SIMS. She’s already addicted! Then we headed to SPUTNIK to get dinner. It was good and we hung with Emily’s crew there for a while. It’s fun gossiping there. They even brought up how psychoticly self-centered and vain one of the girls is that is mutual friends with some of them. Not something i really spend too much time thinking about, so it was funny to think other people actually bothing thinking about it. And Bill showed us what they are doing with the back outside of the restaurant. I also got to play with Princess Buttercup, the most killer Boxer puppy ever.

Today I am finishing up some work stuff that got laid on me Friday at 4pm. Gotta love those worthless sales people who couldnt care less about anyone else but themselves. But it’s ok though, cos i can catch up on other stuff that has been slacking lately.

Next weekend is DERBY 2002! Cant wait to hang with Allison and Jackie.

it will be anarchy

vagina is like arrogance (9k image)I went to Fresh Fields with Laura for lunch today. I got a mad huge sandwich at the deli place. It’s basically every vegetable known to man in this dealy….it’s huge. I could only eat half. Then i got ginger cookies, Newman’s Own Organic pretzles (which are the best ever) and a Future Shake that I was recently introduced to from Emily. Yum. I feel like a yuppie hippie. Yippies! Where is Elle’s Volvo. Feel like soccor anyone?

And last night was mad cool. Buddy invited me and Kranias out to Dinner at That Amore. And the regional Warner Bros. Records guy came out too. We talked about all sorts of stuff Mat finds interesting that everyone else would be asleep to. Record Label politics. Implications of the AOL/WBR merger. Major changes of Labels in the past 5 years with the advent of the mass use of email/internet. Radio in the 70s. How Labels are going to have to start treating the bands differently now with the advent of Linkin Park. Very cool guy. Almost sarcastic as Mat. I even gave him my business card. I hate networking. I hate it more than life. But shit like that you cant pass up. When it’s totally YOUR thing. I am very lucky i have a THING. But then there wouldnt be people like accountants or actors to contrast with. Ha!

“to make room for my penis” -laura

And yesterday Emily came to get lunch with me. We went to Kabobi! It was mad good. I love that place. I think I ate more than I should have, cos i felt like i was gonna vomit. But then I just peed and I was fine. Modern wonders. And my new obsession is The Strokes CD. It was constructed in a formulaic way for Mat. This CD was made for me. Or something. Regardless it’s really good. Production is mad lacking in that manner like Cake. Very CBGB’s circa 1977.

korinne101: hey can I transfer someone to you
mat: uh
mat: maybe
mat: i guess
korinne101: they are having problems loggin in
mat: ugh
korinne101: so they can enter contest
korinne101: prize pig
korinne101: says he has no problems on oldies 100 site
mat: send to my VM
mat: or have them email me at mat@dc101.com
mat: not worth my time
mat: or yours
korinne101: I so know
korinne101: he says he’s spoken with you before
korinne101: he knows your name
korinne101: please talk to him
mat: f him
mat: alright
korinne101: although he sounds CRAZY
korinne101: sorry
mat: he is
korinne101: to send him your way
mat: i am sure i know who this guy is
korinne101: here he comes
mat: ok
korinne101: are you talking to the mad man
mat: yes
mat: he’s a fucker
korinne101: he’s annoying
mat: mad annoying

is that why you tell them i’m a prick?

yaz (8k image)I took an extended lunch break today with Laura after meeting up with Bennett and Mark at Bagel City. We went to the new CD store on the Pike that we’ve both been meaning to do for weeks now. I picked up a few gems:

John Lennon/Yoko Ono’s “double fantasy” and “milk and honey”
Keven Ayers/John Cale/Nico/Eno “June 1, 1974”
the New Deal “receiver”
Depeche Mode “speak & spell”
Talking Heads “fear of music”

And even better was the guy who owns the CD store had an ENO screen saver. Maybe me and him were meant to be together. I mean it is Valentine’s day and my mother did get me toe socks that are red and white striped with hearts on the toes. So who knows. Oh, and he had all these reissues on 180 gram vinyl. All that Miles Davis. Fucking shit. Emily is coming for dinner tonight, and then we’re hitting Anthropologie and perhaps going to see a movie at Uptown.

Time to play good music.

But first, from Elle’s findings:

Gunman Says Sound of New Jersey Made Him Snap
Thu Feb 14, 7:24 AM ET

GALVESTON, Texas (Reuters) – A Texas jury on Wednesday found Thomas Mitchell guilty of aggravated assault for shooting his girlfriend because he thought she was about to say the words “New Jersey.”

His attorney unsuccessfully sought his exoneration on grounds that certain words set off an uncontrollable rage in Mitchell, who has a history of mental illness.

Words that triggered a bad reaction in Mitchell included “New Jersey,” “Wisconsin,” “Snickers” and “Mars,” lawyer Maria Mercado told the court.

Throughout the three-day trial, Mitchell, 54, covered his ears when he thought the words were going to be spoken.

Witnesses used flashcards with the words written out instead of saying them in court.

“When he has one of these episodes, he isn’t focused,” lawyer Mercado said.

Prosecutors contended that Mitchell was troubled, but not crazy.

He was convicted for shooting girlfriend Barbara Jenkins three times on March 19, 1999, when he believed she was about to utter the phrase “New Jersey.” She survived the attack, but died from unrelated causes just before the trial.

In a statement, Mitchell told police: “I had seen that word at my mom’s house and then Barbara said what she said (and) I just snapped.”

and to think, that could have been me