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emufella:: how fucking dumb is that?

boston - take me with you (12k image)Yeah ELLE is back in black. And she had FAT TIRE! Yes! She is feeling the hippie powers.

And Thursday is free ice cream day at Baskin and Robbins. Go Go Go!

Today LeeAnn (the Music Director) asked me if i wanted to be on the guestlist for Cornershop. They are coming to the 930 Club. I actually couldnt make it and LeeAnn wrote back, “ok – since you and I are the only ones here that go to shows I just thought I’d check.” And it’s so sad but true, that out of the 30 people that work for DC101 (maybe 10 in programming), LeeAnn and myself are the only ones who regularly go to shows. Very odd for a rock radio station, in my opinion. Maybe all our DJs are just divas. Or something. I think half the reason i took the gig was to get all the concert connections. Duh!

And in other news, i think only people who know me well should get the right to read my site. Cos some people just dont get it. Somethings i have yet to understand about people, but it keeps happening to me. I dont get it. Honestly i couldn’t care less, cos my good friends dont use this shit against me and realize it’s just a website. I’d password protect the site, but i wouldnt give anyone the satisfaction. It’s so ludicrous it’s almost a waste of time, so i wont even bother typing anymore about it.

emufella: well, you’re perfect. so all the time you could spend looking at yourself, you spend looking at other people. i just have to figure out how many strikes you’ve had and post them 😉