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it’s ecstasy when you lay down next to me

emily photogographing something in baltimore on sat nov 3 2001 - look at that belly! - oh, this is her version of the story...So yesterday was most likely the most productive day in the history of matkind. Well maybe not. But as far as succeeding in doing everything planed ahead of time, we sure did that, and more!

I headed to Baltimore around Noon. I actually woke up a little later than planned. Around 11am. I expected to get up at 10, but that was a little wishful thinking. I finally got out of the house with being a little terse to the Pops. I felt bad, but he was being just a little too chatty for me being in a rush. I got on 495 and boom, TRAFFIC. I could just kill a man. Why does 495 suck? Too fucking non-predictable.

Thank the lord (or Perry) that Emily gave me quite copious directions cos I made it to her apartment in 45 mins with absolutely no complications. That rules. And her apartment rules. Lots of little trinkets everywhere. Her apartment must have also been 100 years old. Age is beauty. Or something. So the first thing she does is hands me a Playboy to look at the photos and we talked about how different the ladies were from the 60s vs. now. BOOBIES!

Our first stop was to a clothing store i believe. She had to pick up medical records from a friend for a project for school involving interviewing three transexuals. Interesting none the less. Then we either went to her old work to pick up a CDROM for class or we went to OOH LA LA and bought some clothing. I got two polyester button downs and she got a tshirt. I cant remember what it said, but it sure was clever.

Ooooh, but before that, we went to the camera store and i bought a lens. A power dildo of a lens for that matter. 80-200mm f2.8! It’s incredible. Cool photo store too.

Other highlights included

  • buying vinyl records (including a Chaka Khan) record on the side of the street
  • eating at Larry’s Diner (or something like that) in Fells Point, the same place Zander and Zac took us that one time.
  • Eating (we sure ate a lot) at an Afghanistan restuarant and actually enjoying it. Emily actually only made one glass tumble to the floor ever so graciously. Luckily it was empty. So cute.
  • Going to Reptilian and seeing that man who is always at every record store i go to and every Black Cat show. Is he stalking me or something? I did pick up a book on the Louisville hardcore scene. Cant wait to hit that
  • Taking photos at the Baltimore Harbor or somewhere around there.
  • Taking photos (in DUNDALK!!!!) in the industrial part of town including a SHINGLES factory. I think half of my shots were of Emily taking photos of the machines. Fucking cool as sounds come from those machine.
  • Emily asking for directions from two beer drinking car stealing men in a wharehouse. She’s got some overies man.So after all the madness of driving around for the ultimate (?!- haha) shot we picked up PULP FICTION and watched a movie at her glorious apartment. I braved the cats too. Mad braveness man. They actually didnt kill me too bad, only my left eye started to itch and i got a weird cough. So my allergies arent as bad as they use to be. Not too shabby. One can only hope the cats fall out of the 2nd story window for next time. Only kidding. So yeah, 12+ hours with Emily was pretty damn cool. I dont think i’ve ever spent that much time with anyone after I just met them. I was actually very proud of myself for even going. That was totally unlike me. It must be her belly. No kissage. Would have been cool by me. She had the kissability.Before I fell asleep on her bed, I ventured back to the land of Mat-land. Christy called me during the day, so i returned her call. Turns out they (Morgan and Christy) didnt go to the Gay Strip club but instead were hanging out at Morgan’s place in NE. They somehow convinced me to stop by there after I left Morgan on the cell with me so I didnt get lost. Just call me Columbus. We all hung out there for a little while and I took their pictures outside with 2 second exposures. Yum. Morgan and Christy also drew on me, I think, cos I sure didnt do that. I think I finally got home at 5am. Gosh, am I tired from a fun filled day yesterday. I need to have more productive days like that.

    HotelOpera: you shoulda said hi to Shelby!
    HotelOpera: woof!

    emufella: i’ll show you a good time any day of the week.