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The Pussies Miss Em

We’re not dead. We’ve just been insanely busy.

The studio is rolling like nobody’s business. Still on schedule to finish construction and obtain occupancy permits at the beginning of March! We’re still beside ourselves. Now it’s time to pick out paint colors and organize a painting party!

This past week was spent at the in-laws house due to the fact we don’t have Windows and IE installed on our computers. It took almost a week to fix a site we devloped because a little known company we all know and love doesn’t know how to adhere to simple web standards. Go figure. I think if we get this next larger contract we’ll purchase Parallel’s and Windows XP. YACK!

After it was all fixed (or rather broken to be fixed) the client was happy. Not that the client was unhappy before, but they were happy with it, in general. Since then the client has thrown another gig at us so we’ll have to put a proposal together for them. Then we decided to spend a few days actually relaxing at my ‘rents house.

We all watched the Grammy’s last night. Probably the first time since high school I wachted more than a “flip through.” Was it me, or was it all musical performance? Not that I mind, but were any awards won? What’s up with Frank Sinatra singing beyond the grave. Lame. But it was cool seeing Kanye West with Daft Punk. And Brad Paisley and The Time performing was a sight to see. Oh and Prince showing up to give one of the awards. That was random! And I think it should be a law or a requirement that to play on the Grammy’s one can’t lip sync. What a sham. Please remind me, it is about the music, right?

Today we’re going back to Baltimore. It’s been about 8 nights since we slept in our own bed. I think it’s about time. I am sure the pussies miss Em.


What Do We Do These Days?

Pretty much morningly I wake up. Get out of bed. Drag Frankie around the block. Then she goes back to sleep. Good dog. I then catch up on my Scrabulous and various interweb thangs (tapeop boards, facebook, emails, google reader, weather center, etc…) while Emily nurses Lily through the morning.

Then at some random point during the day of working on various projects or brainstorming the doorbell will ring. It’s either UPS, USPS, FedEx or the dreaded DHL. Of course the doorbell rings in the middle of a conversation with a client or drink of chocolate soymilk. It’s only taken 13 months for the brilliant discovery of closing doors so I don’t have to race Frankie to the door after she hears the doorbell. And usually it’s the UPS man with a package of lighting for the studio or studio gear. Sadly I come to the door for the UPS man. I think he’s sick of seeing my face and would much rather shoot the shit with Emily like in late Fall of ’06.

Inevitably we then scatter for the next 30 minutes trying to get ready to leave to the Studio with Lily. Never again will we be able ot just “leave” – It’s a process to make sure we have everything we need. Diapers? Check. Water bottles? Check. Studio keys? Check. Diaper bag? Check. Sanity? Sorta-check. Food, so I don’t eat Emily later? Check. Is Lily warm enough? Check. Rush Emily? Check. Stroller (if going to the ‘rents)? Check. Baby? Check. etc…

We then talk to the foreman and HVAC crew for the next hour or two about resilient channels (1 & 2), sockets or gang box mounting proceedures to maximize acoustical isolation. Or something of the sort. It’s always a learning experience for both the crew and us.

Then some stuff happens, but it ranges. Today, we got the call that my sister in law  was having her twins! So we rushed to Carroll County to meet them. They were amazing and happy and healthy! Lily and the twins are going to be getting in to serious trouble down the road. It’s a fact, with all our genes.

Then it’s time for dinner. Movies. And then some more work. Not always in that order. Next is the precision art they call “putting baby to sleep” (something I am getting better and better at) and then more work or movies to watch and then crash.

Oh and then we do it all over again in the morning. Yay!

It’s something I’d not trade for everything in the world.

PS. Lily’s First Christmas was amazing. Everyone was awesome and got along as they should. I have the best families in the world. Not to mention all my awesome friends who came to see us this past week. You guys are awesome!

So You Think You Can Dance Sighting

Today we decided to head to our the mall. But we didn’t go to the ‘burbs. There is one at the Inner Harbor. Yeah, I guess that’s our local mall. We just realized we have a Banana Republic, GAP & Urban Outfitters all within 1.5 miles of where we live! We can walk there! But why it took this long to realize this fact is beyond me.

After getting lunch at the harbor in front of the USS Constellation we went to Urban Outfitters. I picked up a pair of gray cords, a pair of Levi’s 527, and two pairs of pinstripe slacks. Oh yeah, and a sweater vest and sweater hoodie. While walking around I noticed someone weirdly familiar. I couldn’t quite place it. But as soon as we checked out and were out the door, Emily turned to me and said, “Did you see the girl (Sabra) from So You Think You Can Dance?” I had thought she was from the Real World or some crap like that. Later Emily said there was another girl there who was also from the show.

It also adds to the effect considering Emily and Erika are out at the 1st Mariner Arena right now seeing the So You Think You Can Dance 2007 Tour. It’s cool, the next time the Monster Truck Rally comes through, Eric and I are on that shit. Wife-beater shirt and all. But secretly I am kind of envious they are there. The show is mildly awesome.

Oh and Lily just nodded off to bed peacefully. Holy crap!