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this is brea (friend of emily’s)

plaid (7k image)Today was the tryouts for being the guitarist for Limp Bizkit. Me and Kranias talked about it and how much of a scam it was.

#1 Fred is getting paid to do his auditions at all the Guitar Centers in America.
#2 He’s getting paid for basically traveling everywhere
#3 Normally this would be acceptable except for the fact he’s not even “performing”
#4 He’s not even a musician
#5 Getting in to AFTRA would even be pushing it
#6 His band is called “Limp Bizkit”
#7 He is getting free publicity from the TV, The Trades and Radio
#8 What a wanker

Last night Emily came over. We all had dinner with the fam. My Mother had almost 2 glasses of wine. She actually played it off pretty good, but she was pretty drunk I think. Then after dinner we headed to Best Buys to return a Filter that didnt fit on my digital camera. After that we went Fresh Fields to get some Future Drinks. This was a Soy Milk, Mango, Chocolate and Banana drink. Yum! After Fresh Fields Emily was waxing to look at her newly purchased MAC, so we checked out those for a bit and I got some new CD-Rs. Then we just came back and watched TV for a bit. Law and Order I think.

wanna get nekkid together on sat?

This weekend I think we’re going to the aquarium. And we are doing a nude/semi-nude photoshoot for one of Emily’s friends. Speaking of nudes, my Mother really likes this one shot of Emily I took. Yes, it’s semi-nude and yes it’s now on the refridgerator. Well shit. Now i am wondering what a semi-nude actually is. There is definately no cooch. There are boobies, but no nipples and it’s shot in the bathroom. You can tell she’s nekkid, but you cant really see “anything.” Still, kinda bizzare, but kinda cool at the same time.

CAMERA : E5000V1.6
SHUTTER : 1/4sec
EXP +/- : 0.0
FOCAL LENGTH : f7.1mm(X1.0)
DATE : 2002.01.31 00:24

4056 4037 4035 4017 4016 4012 4008 4004

aero (15k image)Hi,

It appears to be loading okay now, and from what you’ve described sounds as thought it’s a load related issue. We’re going to be taking steps shortly to reduce the load significantly on area51, which should alleviate this problem permanently.


Fuck yeah. Finally they are going to fix my server problems which is why my journal software is giving Elle such a huge ass headache. And Elle you rock for that post today. It looks like so much fun and I may have to partake in the fun later tonite.

I am wanting to get rid of my 28-200mm f/3.5 lens for my camera. I barely use it. Gonna sell it and get a 16mm Fisheye. So if anyone wants to do a trade to fit a Nikon, come forward damnit!

This morning I went in to work early to photograph some guitarists who are auditioning to be in Limp Bizkit. It’s funny that the other guitarist in the Bizkit left. Why would he have left…he obviously is spineless so why would he quit a band that is so successful. I mean, he could have morals, but if he did he wouldn’t be there in the first place. It is just boggling my mind. I did find that bit on MTV where they were on stage doing a soundcheck and he built this lighting deal in to his shirt. It was fucking with his wireless guitar. It was so Spinal Tap it hurt. I did listen to that remix CD they just put out. It’s not too shabby. Funny, that is how i got in to the Cure, with MIXED UP.

Why is it 70 degrees outside? WHAT THE FUCK? Someone make it feel like winter. Give me some damn snow. What the hell is wrong with this planet. I am so ready to pack it up and move back to Mars.