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Sharing Is Caring A La Jane

I don’t know why, but I feel like sharing, like Jane.

  • Sometimes I don’t like sleep as much as most people do. I feel like I could be getting stuff done during that time. If given the opportunity to eat a pill that would take the place of sleep (with out any side effects, of course) I would take the pharmaceutical company up on their offer.
  • I like a lot of pop music: Justin Timberlake (or J.T. as we say around the house), Shakira, Letters to Cleo, Avril Lavigne, The Cardigans, Lisa Loeb, Jellyfish and the Posies.
  • When I worked in radio, I looked forward to every day, even though I got paid 1/2 of the industry standard for my craft.
  • I saw Pearl Jam last weekend at the Verizon Center and it rekindled a flame for them that I never had. I never really got in to them, but for some reason they are speaking to me now.
  • If I could eat anything all day, it would be Amy’s soy cheese pizza, Whole Food’s Chocolate Soy Milk (not the new organic kind, just the normal kind) and Mom’s mandle bread with chocolate chips.
  • Emily and I talked about being famous and rich last night. We felt I could handle the fame as Emily said I was “grounded.” I guess I agree with that statement, but I am not sure I would want the attention. I go back and forth depending on the circumstances.
  • My first concert was Poison. I went with my father and I am proud of it as I was rarely ever embarrassed by my parents.
  • I lock my car door at least 2 times. Sometimes 3. And I check the Studio’s front door at least twice before leaving.
  • Two weeks ago I had over 11,000 emails in my inbox. Today I have 9. I finally let go.
  • I used to think I was going to become a serious drug addict and was going to die in the gutter. The Basketball Diaries really messed me up in High School.
  • Sometimes I like animals more than I like people.

Lisa Tapped Me

Lisa tapped me. Laundro’s Top 10 little known facts or quirky little habits is the meme for the month.

  1. I have become completely obsessive about locking my car doors with the remote. The 2nd tap locks it with the horn sounding. But that’s never enough. I need to hear it twice if not more. Just to make sure. I think it gets on Emily’s nerves.
  2. I had a weird itch on my neck and hand last week that mysteriously transfered to my chin. But I think the origin is that I’ve become addicted to morphine in my sleep.
  3. I can remember certain details Rain Man style, yet I can sometimes forget what I was saying, mid-sentence. It’s true.
  4. In high school I left my senior year with two Superlatives – I’ll paraphrase: a) Most Likely To Be on MTV & b) Most Likely To Be Arrested By The Fashion Police. The latter I took as a compliment. If you know where I went to high school, you’d understand. I do miss the tights. They were so warm in the winter!
  5. Emily recently found a secret of mine which is photographing everyday things I see around the house, multiple times in excess and in various angles.
  6. I’d rather do “truth” than “dare”.
  7. When I get on an airplane, I still think it’s possible to get hijacked by the Libyans.
  8. My sister is a typical older sister.
  9. After two more events, I will no longer DJ a family or close friend’s party or wedding.
  10. Next to sighing, cleaning the cat shitter is the bane of my existence, especially when they miss.

I feel like I’ve done this meme before. Ugh. I have to tap people now?

How about instead:
In the comments, tell me one weird thing or fun fact about me that I didn’t list above.

What Goes On

I am of the belief (since it’s been forever)

  • My lovely Wife and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary, a week and a few days ago
  • Lisa has been so cool and has been helping us ease the pain of settling in to our apartment
  • Al & JG had us over for some good time city life dinner and fun – I [heart] our new city
  • It’s especially pretty in the fall as are most cities
  • Unpacking takes way to friggin’ long and is kind of getting on my nerves
  • Feetnik started her new gig and I went in today to assist with her transition and my co-worker gave me this book called High Fidelity Simplified by Harold D. Weiler, of course from 1952
  • Feetnik’s apartment is cute and overlooks the park
  • The MARC train treated me nicely on the way there – coming back was painful standing in the aisle in dress shoes
  • Thursday we’re finally changing our names, all legit style
  • Today, I received health insurance for the first time, sans an employer and it’s a killer deal
  • Two nights ago I went to 930 Club with David to see Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins and was happily surprised with the wonderful live arrangements
  • My kick-ass cousin, Zack, was in town for the Green Fest thing in DC this weekend and had him over for the night and showed him Baltimore
  • I am kind of enjoying the time I get to spend with Frankie on her walks 2-3 times a day
  • Feetnik, is more than likely coming over this weekend to do website stuff, but more so play Emily’s Weeds dealer