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Lomolitos – Take Three

1/5 of the C5 Gang

Maria G. and Mark D.

Wet Feet. Erika?

John and Sara looking long.

Enjoy the new ones.

Lomolitos – Take Two

The Lomolitos pictures are still trickling in. Some are great. Some are grainy and not-so-great. Most of the new ones are from Snapfish and their draft images they put on the site are not so great, but I really don’t have the time right now to scan the good prints they mail. So we deal. My 4 favorites (at this moment) from this batch are below:

Mat and Emily
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Lomolitos – Take One

The Lomolitos pictures are in from the Wedding party. At least a red, blue, green and yellow camera. 20 more cameras to get developed. Here is one picture from each camera. I am rather happy with the results. And can’t wait to reuse these disposables!

Yellow – Marlo, Emily, Feetnik
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