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Do Not Mistake Coincidence For Fate

2 things about LOST’s season finale, last night:

  1. Claire and Charlie are back together! I can’t tell you how awesome that is. As much as I hate romantic distractions from great programming, this is a good aside. At least one that is aesthetically pleasing. And you can’t deny that.
  2. How Mr. Eko survived the dynamite blast is beyond me. But as much as I want to dislike him for his sad “faith” in the program, he’s still my favorite character.

What a great end to a fantastic 2nd Season. Of course certain aspects were cleared up, but twice as many questions were raised. If we only knew if Locke and Mr. Eko survived. We’ll find out in the fall… Yay. I can’t wait.

Thanks to Eric and Erika for hosting a great sushi party at their place last night. Props. And yes, I clearly missed Prince on American Idol. If anyone has a clip, that would be stellar.

Thanks Meredith:

You’ll See

Friday after I rolled in from DCA after my 2nd trip this month to Minneapolis we headed to Baltimore with Frankie for more Birthday celebration. There is something intrinsically awesome about coming in to an airport, then taking the Metro, then walking home. Never once taking a car.

Saturday was spent with Nan and Bob and my parents and Emily at Preakness. We got super VIP access for Emily’s birthday. Well at least access to the super fancy tent. The food spread was awesome. And the crab cakes were insane. The ice cream was weird in that it didn’t melt and came from plastic bags. Bob really hooked us up. The schwag bag was awesome. I now have two official Preakness ’06 cups. Yay! Aside from the traumatically sad Barbaro train wreck it was a delightful day. That moment they brought out the quilt to shelter the horse I kept thinking to my self, “It’s to calm the horse. It’s to calm the horse. It’s to calm the horse.” But I kinda really knew it was because they were considering putting it out of it’s misery. It was just crazy they were thinking of doing it in front of 125,000 people. I was on the verge of tears the rest of the day. It was painfully sad. Hopefully he’ll pull through. I do have to say the interaction between Emily and my mother and my driving skills getting out of the parking lot was insanely funny. Especially when you move 10 feet every 10 minutes. Other highlights included seeing Terry O’Quinn, aka John Locke from LOST and Penny Johnson, aka Sherry Palmer from 24 at the valet waiting for our car.

Sunday we went to Carroll County to meet up with Emily’s mother and boyfriend for their surprise party. Annette/Billy and their fam was there as well as some other family friends. The “entertainment” went over better than I thought and it was generally a nice day. And since we’re now married, everyone and their mom is asking us when we’re going to have kids. I didn’t know that was the next step in the in-law nagging process.

Lockdown on Lost Lastnight


Did anybody else get shivers when they saw this map last night on LOST? I am not sure the significance at this point, but it appears to be huge.

Thoughts right now on the show:

  • Emily is right. Sawyer’s one-liners are getting old. This character needs some development. Like, for real.
  • Hurley better not die. He’s the only genuinely likable character on the show. We need you Hurley!
  • Dr. Jack and Kate really should just do it already. They need to breed like a family of mormons.
  • The woman Locke was performing the home inspection for was none other than Sayid’s lover Nadia – Thanks Eric for the link!
  • We need more Emilie de Ravin
  • What happened to Michael? Not to mention his son? Is he being written off the show out of forgetfulness?