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Two Years

Couple of the Year - 2007

…and we’re still the best husband and wife, ever. Ever. No offense to you and yours. For drizzle.

I love you, Pootie Tang.

Words From The Honda Accord

Today in the car on the way to Towson Town Center (We heart our Nordstrom’s) we were talking. Like usual.
Emily was talking about how folk means people. Like the word of the people. Like FOLKS -> VOLKS -> VOLKSWAGON. The people’s car.

I said, “If cars could speak, they’d sound like Bob Dylan.”

Emily replied, “Or Hitler.”

I [heart] Emily. I certainly married the right (yet twisted) girl.

Ad Infinitum

This shot was taken on our first official date when we went camping in Emily’s apartment on Eutaw Place, even though our first date was Iggy Pop at 930 Club.

It was, however, this time last year when we exchanged our vows. And even last night I got to make good on them by bringing Emily a glass of milk, late at night.

We are a lucky two.