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We Use Allegedly Loosely


Emily to Mat: “We sure have put up a lot of curtains…”

Mat to Emily: “Yeah.”

Ideally and/or allegedly this is the last time we are putting up new curtains. There, I said it. Ok, I probably just lied a bit. But I really like the David Byrne approach to curtains, it simply makes sense to me. And the middle white linen curtain was my idea. I can’t take credit for much else. But I can for my kick-ass new picture frame with Prince in it. It makes a lot of sense to me, as well.

And this day should go in the history books. We went to a Lowes and had a pleasant experience. There was a guy that showed us blades to get to cut concrete and drill bits to get for drilling in to brick. There is a god. His name is Regis. And his last name sure ain’t Philbin. I guess you have to #1 Find a time to get to the Gaithersburg store during the week during the day and #2 Find an older guy or gal who isn’t a high schooler that knows next to nothing and isn’t good for more than sucking oxygen.

People at hardware stores who know stuff are next to godly. I speak the truth, yo.

Have a good weekend!