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motel 6 is our jam these days

someday that will be me in there...usps (8k image)Today I had an excessively productive day. In fact I had a rather sickeningly productive week at work. We’re doing this new rewards program at the station and it’s going to be huge. So i have been staying on top of it like a freshman college student on a drunk frat girl. It’s almost like i am turning over new stones. Cos in general i am loving my job. But at times it can just get so goddam mundane. But that is the case with any job. Even with my record label there are things that are going to be mundane, like…hmmmm…shit, i cant even think of one thing. I was initially thinking that sending out CDs in those silly mailers would become mundane, but I’ve been doing that for years now and i still love it. I love it.

Which is a great segue to my next thought. And why packing mailers and mailing them is not boring to me. I am amazed by the fact that you can mail something. This is something so trivial to many people, but to me it’s much larger. You can mail something next door or to Zimbabwe. It doesnt really matter. It will still get there. It’s fixed. Pony Express man. My love primarily remains around the USPS, but it still exists for other immitations like FedEx and UPS. So just think about how many pieces of mail let alone boxes and large packages get mailed daily. To every town, city and country. We’re talking hundreds or thousands and millions. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. It’s uncanny. I once mailed a package to myself. Has anyone else you know done this before? Did that make me crazy? Did that make me bored? Did that make me a dork? Did this make me want to work for the Postal Service? Yes.

My obsessi…ahem, i mean curiosity with the USPS began years ago while i was trading cassettes with people. We would trade live shows of bands we liked at the time. Some bands I still like. But those Pearl Jam shows from St. Louis or where ever havent see the light of day in over 9 years. I would mail out a cassette and my friend would mail out a cassette and they would cross paths and i would contemplate if they were ever in the same building at the same time. I would contemplate who got to move that package a little closer to it’s destination. I would contemplate how many people touched that package. If any at all.

you’re cliff claven

But more recently I have decided to become the Postal Service. Above wanting to be a part of the Postal Service Revolution, I want to mail myself in a plexiglass box and document it with video, audio and stills. Ideally this would pan out more easily if i had an inside to the USPS. I’d have to work there. So i could have a network of people on the inside. Wouldnt it be great? Yes, it would be. But the few people i’ve talked to mentioned a simple practical problem. Peeing and pooping. This is a factor i’ve thought about. There would be almost like a porta-potty feature to this box. It would be at the bottom like a trough. And it would be sealed to prevent odors inside and out of the box. And would be replacable so that my network of people from within the Postal Service would be able to replace my poohs. Hell, maybe i could get sponsored by TLC for another documentation. And Miller Beer. Or not. So if it happens or not is not that big a deal. But it really is. I really want to do this. Someday it will happen. Someday i will prove the nay-sayers wrong.