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Fuck The Mail Mugger

I put a few pieces of mail in our mail slot in our front door today. I noticed a few hours later it was gone, but there was no new mail waiting for me in the vestibule. It was curious. So I walked down the street to see if any other people had received mail for the day on our block. No one had. I noticed the Verizon invoice on the sidewalk. Then our Netflix envelope with the DVD we were done with. It was ripped open. I guess they aren’t a fan of Al Gore’s documentary on Global Warming. We had two other pieces of mail. They were both gone. They both had checks in them. One for our life insurance policy. The other was to deposit in our bank account from our previous landlord. So we contacted our bank to stop payment on the check for the insurance. And with no charges. Yay! And we contacted our ex-landlord to stop the payment on the check and to send us a new one.

The lesson learned is not to leave mail to be picked up in the mail slot when you live in the city. Mail thieves are the scum of the earth. I wish I knew where there were big blue USPS boxes around here. I’ve yet to find one.

Regardless, I’d love to get back at the ass wipe who stole our mail. Any ideas? And ideas that wouldn’t piss off my mail carrier.