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Skill, Strategy, Intelligence, Calculation And Luck

The closest thing to Jewish culture in America is a New Yorker – At least to most of America. You know, like all the stereotypes in Seinfeld. Which most, of course, are based in some semblance of reality. Emily can attest to now understanding Seinfeld on a whole new level now that she has been a part of my family for a few years. (See the Seinfeld episode where Jerry’s mother sends him the $50 check. Case in point.)

Well, that was what I thought up until I went to a Filipino Baptism celebration. Yay Elise!

It was all the same:

  • More ethnic food than you can imagine being pushed down your throat by older women if not Grandmothers.
  • Grandmothers with over-sized and verging on the line of gaudy jewelry.
  • Playing Mahjong for dimes.
  • Family everywhere basically hanging from the light fixtures
  • Telling it like it is.
  • People everywhere running around in 600 different directions.
  • Lotsa love…

So yeah, despite the fact that we basically drove to Pennsylvania yet we were still in a suburb Baltimore we had a great time with Annette and Billy’s family. The drive actually isn’t all that bad. And that Filipino family is definitely my 3rd family. Just like home.