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Interesting Metro Ride #29

On my way home from work yesterday it was strangely busy, even for this time of year. August in DC is usually when most people are out of town on vacation. So it’s typically a little less congested. And more so on Mondays and Fridays because of that great invention people call “The Compressed Schedule”. It’s something the Federal Government invented that’s actually quite efficient and was started to help with DC congestion.

Anyways. There were a lot of people standing up on the Metro and there was this guy reading a book, and I had to turn my head to read the title of the book. It was called something like, “How to get in touch with your inner feelings and express them with joy and love and harmony in your life with out loosing your masculinity.” It was one of those self-help books you just wanted to vomit all over. After looking at it, my eyebrow had that instinctual and sarcastic inquisitive twitch upwards and a neighboring Metro rider saw it and rolled her eyes at him, acknowledging I was not the only one feeling these sentiments.

It was a moment and it was shared on the Metro on the way home.

These things don’t happen often and when they do, they are priceless.

If You See Kay

I am not sure if it’s a city thing, but I am seeing more and more kids (female) wearing these medallion-like earrings that display their (alleged) zodiac signs. Name and stenciled picture, as well. It’s kinda funny, in that 80s kinda way. I sorta want to get my ears pierced solely for that reason. Capricorn, reprezent.

And on a side note, I finally saw the animated ads (they are calling them “flipbook ads“) Metro has in some of it’s tunnels on the Red Line. It’s pretty surreal looking out the window of a Metro train car and seeing all the lights whizz by… Not to mention when there is a Cadillac ad out there with a car coming towards the train car. It really surprised me at first. Everyone in the car was like, “Did you just see that?” So weird that night I was out with David O. for beers and dinner and we were talking about that subject at the bar.

Metro Opens Doors

I heard the new “voice” of Metro this morning. Quite honestly, I wasn’t impressed. Not to mention the awful new two-tone sound they created. Before it was the nice robot voice that fit perfectly with the slightly cold people and clean and simple archetecture of DC. Now it sounds like we’re on the lightrail in Minneapolis. This ain’t no midwestern town, don’cha know.

What’s beneficial is that the “voice” suggests to move to the center of the car. There is nothing more annoying than a bunch of tourists (or people from Virginia – sorry Elle) who don’t understand that packing a car during rush-hour is easier when people move to the center.

I heard there was going to be some sort of countdown for the closing doors. I didn’t hear that this morning, but if they do that in the future, I wouldn’t be surprised if they install BB guns in the walls and start pelting you or shocking you if you get caught in the door. In fact I would prefer that.

PS. I rock. And I’m Cute.