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that bitch, karen roberts from mississippi

woah, mat was born there...The soundtrack of the day today was comprised of JSBX’s orange, J Mascis and the Fog’s more light, The Get Up Kids’ four minute mile, the Wallflowers’ bringing down the horse.

So yeah. I think my Emo-Factor is running high. Mat has feelings. Ha! Yeah, so all that emo music is coming out. Music that has feelings. I think i actually bought in to the hype at one point and played in one of those bands. We were actually pretty good. At that time I had no clue what emo was. Emo man! Regardless, that Get Up Kids shit is pretty damn catchy. And what is it with J Mascis? I bought this record prolly last fall but it didnt hit me then, when I saw him on tour with Mike Watt. Zander and Zac were there at the club early. I remember meeting them there. I saw them at a table and they introduced me to their friend who was sitting there too. They introduced him to me as “Mike” — “Hi Mike” – Little did I know that when I finally sat down I realized it WAS Mike Watt. Funny little story that always amuses me, even to this day. Just a great personal and reflective record. I just love all the way he records his sounds too. Amazingly precise drum sounds. Processed, but not toooooo processed. And what is it with his guitar solos. Those things are louder than LIFE. They have to pull down the rest of the mix so his solos can come thru and punch a hole thru your skull. But he can do it. Amherst to the rescue. And “Back Before You Go” is the killer track on there. I think Robert Pollard sings on it. Doesnt really add anything. But a lot of times this record sounds a lot like Glossary. Weird.

Today was a pretty productive day. I woke up pretty early and took care of computer shit. Someday I cant wait to not have to do that shit. Someday. I finally got up and showered and went to the art store to get some rubber stamps and ink pads for the return addresses for the label when we do mail orders. I also got some rubber cement for putting my I-Zone pix in a photo album. I just love me some rubber cement. Yum. If only we could eat it, Mat would be one happy camper. Oh yeah, and I found this killer cool camera in the “closet” – It’s a Polaroid Land Camera, Model #420. Yup 420! I love it. It’s my new favorite camera. Now I just need film for it. So I researched that and it turns out it takes 665 and 667 film. Fucking shit. The film is the neighbor of the beast! And it smokes pot! How funny is that?! You can be back before you go.

So other than that, the Pops and I did more on the Business Plan for the label. Did some number crunching and it turns out things could be looking on the bright side. I started filling out my copyright forms for MONSIII. So go steal it. I also got the new batch of tracks from THEBOBGREENE. Fucking amazing shit there. Energy. Innovation. And eloquence. All are present. I cant wait to mix this shit at Skylab and do whatever Daniel suggests. I am smelling the theremin in one or two spots. And some phatty bass lines. Amazingness is happening here. I can feel it. I just wish I had more time and a beach with a girl. Someday one just a man will be so lucky.

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