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po box 10421

So last nite i went to MOUSE ON MARS with Jessie Belle. I only have one of their CDs. I always liked it. It was great music to listen to while using the computer. Very blippy and bleepy. So they came to 930 Club and I went with Jessie. I cant tell you how amazing it was. They had this drummer that had all these wacko toys. And the bass dude on the left was dancing like there was no tomorrow. This live stuff sounds a lot like how TEMPO TEAM was described to be my Mark. There was another keyboardist off the the right. He seemed more of the straight forward keys kinda guys. It was mega dance party USA. Dancing to German dance stuff it the best. Not that i danced, but i did bop or whatever i do. I did. Pictures up in the portfolio later tonite.

It’s always the best hanging with Jessie Belle. Never understood why we didn’t date. We seem like we’d be great together. In that old people couple, kinda way. She likes good music. She totally knows how to have fun. She’s a looker. She has two dogs. She’s so intuitive with me, it’s sick. She’s more intelligent than she’ll ever know and has some of the bestest hair. But then maybe it’s cos we are so different. Maybe it’s cos we’ve known each other for almost 10 years now. Wow. That sure is weird. She’s a veteran. Can’t believe she’s hung in there this long!

Today was errand day. I woke up pretty early to go to the post office to pick up a certified check that came earlier this week. I misplaced the slip. The fucker gave me trouble. “you know what those slips are for” “no (asshole), tell me” “they are so we can find the package or envelope” “cant you just find it my zip or last name (fuckface)” “no, i’ll go look then” “great, thanks (post office manfuckface)” He comes back with nothing. What a fucker. I hate fuckers. Sorry I couldnt bring in the slip. Sorry I lost it. Sorry I have other things going on in my life other than keeping track of post office slips. Fucker. So I then went to rockville to get a PO Box for the label. That was easy as hell. 23 bucks for 6 months. I even get a key! After that I went to Circuit City to either get a CD Burner or Minidisc. I ended up getting the MiniDisc recorder cos it was a yellowish green and it was so damn little and cute. Plus it’s portable as hell and can be used for so much more shit than a rack mounted cd burner. Then I came home and remixed MONS III. I think I did it. It’s also 60 mins. A little shorter than average. But an acceptable length. I will have many of outtakes to deal with. Maybe even a 7″ with the BOBMONS in the future. FUCK THE POST OFFICE FUCKERS IN POTOMAC. LONG LIVE ROCKVILLE!