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And It Lives In Minneapolis


There is something I really like about traveling to Minneapolis. Even on business travel. Perhaps it’s the Prince vibe. Perhaps it’s a city that I totally get geographically. Perhaps it’s the insane amount of neat little bars and record stores. Perhaps it’s the light rail. What gets me is that the city does not ooze Prince. I like that. Even 1st Ave has nothing special for him.

But even better than Minneapolis is flying down the Potomac River at night with Maryland on my left and Virginia on the right. The lights flutter in DC like no other city. It’s best to be back home with my love in the city I love.

Metro Opens Doors

I heard the new “voice” of Metro this morning. Quite honestly, I wasn’t impressed. Not to mention the awful new two-tone sound they created. Before it was the nice robot voice that fit perfectly with the slightly cold people and clean and simple archetecture of DC. Now it sounds like we’re on the lightrail in Minneapolis. This ain’t no midwestern town, don’cha know.

What’s beneficial is that the “voice” suggests to move to the center of the car. There is nothing more annoying than a bunch of tourists (or people from Virginia – sorry Elle) who don’t understand that packing a car during rush-hour is easier when people move to the center.

I heard there was going to be some sort of countdown for the closing doors. I didn’t hear that this morning, but if they do that in the future, I wouldn’t be surprised if they install BB guns in the walls and start pelting you or shocking you if you get caught in the door. In fact I would prefer that.

PS. I rock. And I’m Cute.