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diary of a martyr

this is not my beautiful wifeSoundtrack of the day: The Dirges, Patti Smith, Deconstruction, Jane’s Addiction, to rococo rot, Joy Division, Bob Dylan, James, REM, Frontier, & Lou Reed.

Today Mom and I went to Bagel City. I got the regular of my “Bagelwhich Deluxe” which is a bagel (chocolate chip, in my case,) egg, salami, and cheese. Also comes with a potato pancake. For all you goys out there: These potato pancakes are to die for. Check out this place if ever in the DC area, and in the mood for a potato pancake.

Other than work, and building my studio not too much is going on. I started watching Martin Scorsese’s Mean Streets. It’s really good, as all Scorsese films are. Harvey Keitel looked so young in 1973. Weird, I tell you.

Slou found this great link today. It’s called the “We all have an inner ‘Golden Girl.'” Very funny, or maybe I am delerious.
Check it out here. You can only guess what I was. Have a great rest of your Monday dearies.