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stimulus frequency for the localization of sound in space

for everyone that doesn’t know…

my 3rd record just came out… it’s GOOD!

you can buy it here. @$12 – you can’t beat it

for more information on my record label go here.

happy x-mas and shit…

Heidi: Playin mons on the radio!

Playin mons on the radio!

So Heidi and I are sending pictures back and forth because we are the only ones we both know that have Sprint PCS and picture phones. So last night she totally made my night and sent me a picture of the Mons promo that she was evidently spinning last night. Heidi rules.

detroit rock city

tim_fetish (5k image)Things going on:

-Canning jams with Emily for part of our Christmas/Channukah gifts
-Been totally getting in to baking bread (and yes, without a bread maker)
-Finished working on OMR002; it’s getting pressed as you read this
-Finished mastering OMR001; Emily will be starting artwork asap; Due out first week in December
-I [heart] my OMR checks/credit card, and tax license
-Finally got the scanner working to scan in Stanko shoots
-Been working off and on with Gordon on muzaq
-Got hired to shoot a wedding this Saturday
-Put an ad up on a classified site and this guy I played a show a few months ago randomly replied to me without even knowing who I was (small fucking world/great minds); we’ll be getting together Sunday and I have a good feeling
-Al has been working on some stuff for the label
-I’ve been taking in all of Al’s muzaq and am pretty fucking impressed
-I look forward to recording him soon
-Speaking of recording, it’s confirmed that Landon will be coming to DC in late January for the Chinese New Yeear to record with me
-Lots of music going on
-I’ve been practicing, but need to more
-Work is work; that is all for now
-We still havent caught the mouse but we are close
-If I havent replied to your email, i apologize, i will
-My guitarist friend Eric from High School is actually moving one street over from me; woot!