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can we be mature

annie mat gregIt’s SNOWING! For the first time in my life I am dreading the snow. The reason being that upon leaving work at 3pm today (the mega head honcho said ‘go home’) i hear on the radio that there is a 100 (yes, ONE HUNDRED) car pile-up on 95 South. That fucking sucks. The traffic lady said she would see people running from their cars in to the woods when they saw cars coming at them that couldn’t stop. That is fucking messed up. The 20-30 car pile ups all over 270 seemed like chum-change. It took me over an hour to get home and fearing my life at every intersection is not good. I feared most the asian women. They so should never be given licenses. Let alone out when it’s snowing! Of course there are exceptions, but damn, I saw at least two with rear-wheel drive cars. It’s like the blind leading the blind. Uh…stay clear! Oh yeah, and I had to clean the ice from my wipers at red lights three fucking times. I miss the days when snow meant days off from school and frozen fingers and sledding for hours and hot coco.

But my boys always pull through for me. When I got home i checked the mail and what is waiting for me, none other than a package from my friend Brian E. (e for the mutha fuckin’ man) Bailey. A.K.A. BEB. He’s the man…he copied me PhotoSuite which includes PhotoShop, Font Folio, Illustrator, PageMaker, PS Filters, and Streamline. Also in addition he copied me ACID. Who is the mofo man! The mofo man is BEB! All hail BEB! BEB 2004.

And thanks to the lovely Morgan, my Capitol Records Babe, I got dumped on (in the best of ways) for free promo CDs. I got the remastered John Lennon’s imagine, a Dandy Warhols’ ep with the cover Hells Bells by AC/DC, Tara Maclean live (?!), the Titan AE soundtrack (?!), a chick band cassette, and a double 12″ Luscious Jackson remix record. I also got some free stickers I will prolly just give to Jessica and/or her cute sister. I love free stuff! Morgan roxx.