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Top Records of 2008

I am not a total purist about lists. This list is about records that I either heard in 2008 or came out in 2008.

  1. Angela Desveaux: The Mighty Ship – I played a show with a band a few weeks ago. We opened for them. And they had their record on vinyl. It’s insanely good. The drummer is mind blowing. I’ve not seen a drummer lean in to his hits in forever. I’ve never seen someone so expressive. Oh and the music is beautiful. And Angela’s voice is wonderful.
  2. MGMTOracular Spectacular – While the album does fall apart after “Time To Pretend,” the record is totally a stand out for what’s on the radio these days. And their beats are super fun and spacey.
  3. Dennis Wilson: Pacific Ocean Blue– Why it took this long to be re-mastered is beyond me. This is such a gem of a record. I use it as a reference CD at the studio. If you don’t include Brian Wilson’s SMiLE it’s my favorite solo Beach Boys record. Hands down.
  4. The Felice BrothersAdventures of The Felice Brothers Vol. 1– Listened to heavily on our trip to North Carolina this summer. Fit the ride tremendously. While we only listened to it once. It was listened to and not simply heard. I need to listen again.
  5. David Byrne & Brian Eno: Everything That Happens Will Happen Today– Just breathtaking. Also this record solidified the fact that I am no longer a kid. I liked the record after a few listens. But I didn’t begin to love it until I got a note from my friend that he was going on tour with David playing keys. Once I saw the show I got it fully. It’s been in heavy rotation since.
  6. Eureka Birds: s/t– Local kids gone awesome. Yet they are still unsigned. I was supposed to see these guys open for a friends band, but just got to talk with them right after their set I missed. I did get to eventually see them a few weeks later. Their record is awesome and so un-Baltimore. It’s a record to listen to on headphones.
  7. The Ting Tings: We Started Nothing– I think I first saw them on the European MTV Awards at my parents house because they have cable TV. I think I like them because they are different. And catchy as hell. Women singers who don’t sing slow sad songs with a lot of acoustic guitars really stand out for me. Not that I don’t like women who sing slow sad songs.
  8. Vampire Weekend: s/t– The record really should have been called “As Indie As You Wanna Be”. But whatever, I really liked the record as much as I want to punch them all in the neck.
  9. K-SwiftK-Swift Club Queen Jump Off Vol 10– Baltimore Club queen. RIP. Solid club. And my little girl loves dancing to her.
  10. She & Him: Volume One– This record was non-stop for a long while. Then it stopped to breathe and now it’s back again. Such a sweet and fun record. Completely looking forward to Volume Two.
  11. E. Joseph and The Phantom Heart: All The Medicine In The World- A total stand out record. Awesome production from the Starflyer 59’s Jason Martin. And incredible songs that pull from a lot of the best bands of the 1980s with out being derivitive or cliché.

David Byrne @ The Lyric

I don’t have too much to say about this, other than: GO SEE DAVID BYRNE.

In college my friends all went to see David Byrne. I didn’t have the cash to shell out for it. Everyone came back a changed man. I finally got to see David Byrne a few years back at 930 Club. Sadly it didn’t speak to me.

I got an email from my friend (who plays keyboards) who was getting ready for 3 weeks of rehearsals with David and then a 4 month tour. Turns out they were going to start the tour off in Baltimore, his hometown, and he invited us to the show.

Anyways. Long story short. The show was phenomenal. The drummer ruled. The bassist was solid. The backup singers hit it. There were interpretive dancers that totally saw Stop Making Sense and stole moves from David here and there. Lots of Eno produced Talking Heads. Great new songs from the new Eno/Byrne record, which by the way is awesome. Think James when Eno produced them in the early to mid 90s. And one track from the first Eno/Byrne record which kept Mark busy!

I can’t really think of much else to say. I am pretty fried. But check out the tour schedule and see them in a town near you.

PS. He’s not as tall as those suits made him appear.



PPS. Thanks Al & JG! You are the bestest Lilysitters!

PPPS. And here are some photos someone else took.

Lily In Front Of The Victrola Cranking The Tunes