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My Trip Is Over And I Have My Energy Back

So I am back from my trip down south to meet with the TN DOT or as they call it: TDOT. It was an amazing trip. I lived in the south for a few years of my college days, but I never saw this part of the south. The part of Arkansas I saw was just a cross between beautiful old trees and swamps sprinkled with old towns falling apart on the Mississippi River. There is something romantic about that.

Our trip started in Nashville, TN. After meeting with the TDOT folks at the Montgomery Bell State Park we drove to the Natchez Trace in TN – then to Helena and West Helena, Arkansas – then to the Great River Road in Arkansas and Mississippi – then to Crowley’s Ridge Road in Arkansas – From there we went to Memphis to waste some time before our flight back to DC. We got to go to Sun Studios and to Isaac Hayes Studio & Kitchen for a bite to eat. It was such a tourist attraction, but at this point I was such a tourist.

My favorite parts of this trip included getting to see the Double Arch Bridge on the Natchez Trace Parkway, taking pictures of the Cedar Trees in the swamps of the Great River Road, going to Sun Studios in Memphis, getting to check out the Crowley’s Ridge Nature Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas, getting to hang out with Feetnik at the Waffle House on Harding Place in Nashville, and just simply getting out of the office and hitting the real wide open road. Getting to see Feetnik was a great treat. It would have been nice to see all my other college friends, but it would have just watered down my time with Feets… Perhaps my next trip to TN.

I have my digital pictures from this trip online here. My film photos will be up when I get back from Salt Lake City.

Fun times.

Since getting back I have caught up with my sleep and last night a big group of us went out to the Brickskeller to get dinner and drink beers. I got a lager called “The Raven” – It’s out of Baltimore, MD. It was quite possibly one of the best lagers I ever had. Definately in the top 5. It was cool seeing everyone and getting to relax a bit. And it’s even better a “group of friends” is developing.

Tomorrow I am off to the Dooce-land of Salt Lake City and Logan, UT. See ya.