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Novus Annus

Happy New Year!

Our new year’s eve was pretty fun with Catherine and David. Good times and good friends. We ended up keeping it low key which is always nice. We went to a great little local brew pub restaurant in Mt. Vernon, called the Brewer’s Art. It was nice and we all made a champaign toast at midnight. The food was amazing. Their rosemary garlic fries are to die for. And David’s sea bass was pretty tasty. I do remember the beer being much better, but it was still better than many. Maybe I’ll try a different brew next time. And somehow we ended up at Jimmy’s twice this weekend with Catherine and David. But someday we’ll make it in to the Blue Moon Cafe again! Damn their 9 tables! And the strange, yet rather funny thing that happened was when Catherine pulled the refrigerator door off. She’s friggin’ superwoman. Yes, there was a huge THUD and there it was on the kitchen floor. Amazing! Luckily it’s sorta back on now. Nothing better than electrical tape to fix things.

Other than that, our good friends Tolya & Otto in San Francisco are also pregnant. She’s about 5 weeks behind us. And in other good news, Mike & Laurie and Jessica & Scott got engaged! Congrats to all of them!

A great year is ahead of us all.

Oh yeah, and our 12 hour open house was a success. Other than us having a huge hangover the morning after with out ingesting any alcohol, it was a great time. I guess preparing and entertaining really wore us out, more than we had expected. But it literally lasted from 2:00pm to 2:05am, strangely as jokingly planned. There were some weird lulls, but it peaked, as I expected, after around 9pm. Seeing Annette, Billy and Elise was awesome. They are so cute and their baby is rocking like Dokken. I love how they bring the baby everywhere. We’re so excited they are moving back to Baltimore later in the year. Emily’s friend Morgan from NY brought her sister and a bunch of her friends from LA and they were totally funny. Morgan and her sister actually grew up like 5 blocks from where we live. LA people are awesome, but totally a different breed. And seeing Lara was awesome too as I can’t remember the last time I had seen her in person.

Sunken-Eyed Girl

I just gave Frankie a bone and she’s pacing, literally, back and forth, from just underneath my stool to the bathroom trying to find the ideal spot to bury it. It’s fascinating.

In addition, on the way home from driving Emily back home from work we discussed what Emily and David O. discussed on New Year’s Eve. On how we are going to create a product or improve on an already existing product and make millions and then do what we really want to in life. It’s the perfect equation: David does the programming. Emily does the design. And Catherine and I do the marketing. And if it involves the music, I gots the Music Business background. It’s perfection. Now we just need the idea…

Why is Bush so Awesome?

Use Your Spoon and Straw

Yesterday was a great lazy day hanging out with my Cousin Marisa and her boyfriend, Brian. It reminded us of New Years Weekend of 2002 when we spent it with Annette and Billy in Brooklyn.

I didn’t get much sleep the night before last so most of the morning was spent cleaning up part of the kitchen and preparing brunch. Yay scrambled eggs with tomato and BACON! We did have a few interesting burning incidents this weekend. #1 was the bamboo cutting board we left on the stove next to the oven exhaust preparing for NYE. Yes, it gets hot enough to catch fire and smoke a lot. #2 was from the bread for the brochette that burned after putting it in the broiler for 15 seconds right before the party. (Mental note: don’t toast bread with the broiler on) And #3 was yesterday while preparing for brunch when Marisa put bread in our toaster and shortly after it erupted in to flames and our whole 1st level of our house turned in to a sea of smoke. Brian took action and took the toaster out back to the BBQ. Luckily no fire outside of the toaster was started. The only lasting effect is a kinda burnt smell in our house now and the knowledge that one does not open a toaster that is on fire to feed it more oxygen. Word to the wise.

Shortly after brunch my parents came over to hang out with Marisa and Brian and us. It was nice and relaxing. My mother who could smell a cigarette on me from 3 miles away in High School didn’t smell the burnt brochette. Wild.

After my parents left, we showered and made our way to the Majestic 20 in Silver Spring to see Syriana. Movie popcorn is quite possibly the best popcorn ever. Next place outside of movie popcorn is that tub popcorn you can or could get at Blockbuster a while back. Yum. So we got our popcorn and our giant rootbeer and sat down. Only 2 previews. Amazing. So yeah, the movie was pretty good. Definitely not excellent. I love movies and I love interesting movies, but this movie was too damn complicated. And unnecessarily. My theory is if you have good writing and good writers you should have a good movie that’s interesting and understandable, and you shouldn’t have to watch it 15 times to get it nor have to spend 15 minutes at a diner with 4 adults talking about it to understand what happened. But it was interesting and it did bring up a lot of questions regarding declining natural resources and Enron corruption. So for that fact, it was a good movie.

After the movie we thought of going to this new Phở restaurant next to the theatre. Phở is just so yummy and hearty and great in the winter. Of course it was closed with the holiday weekend, so we went a bit south towards DC to this other Vietnamese restaurant. That was closed too. What the hell?! We walked around the corner to Jackie’s which is a place we’ve always wanted to go. But they were closed. So we made our way back North to The Tastee Diner. My trustee Tastee Diner. It will never let you down. I got my burger and fries and Brian got his mega burger. Emily got a melt and talked with Brian a lot about Options Trading. Marisa got something with parmigiana (or “parm” for those in the loop) in it and a rootbeer float. When the typical yet slightly insane waitress brough over the float she said, “Make sure to use your spoon and straw. Bring in the New Year and do it right with a spoon and straw.” I [heart] the Tastee Diner. I [heart] family. Happy New Year.

PS. Happy Birthday Elle!