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Is This News?

Tonight we were flipping through the endless (or rather not so endless) channels on our television set while eating a late dinner.

We came across the news on My20 WDCA which airs Fox News. There was a “news” piece on how there are confessional websites our there in the interweb. One of the final quotes was a statistic:

50% of the people who use these websites are women.

It’s amazing someone can even say this, let alone a so-called professional news team. Is this even news?!

I am disgusted.

The News Sucks

The top three headlines: Sharon’s stroke stuns Israelis but enemies smile, At least 15 die in Mecca building collapse, 2 siblings die from bird flu in Turkey & Hundreds of violations revealed after US mine disaster. Great job, news.


so you gonna be my bitch now?

prints by wesleysmith now at the h lewis gallery on bolton st in baltimore until feb 24 - (10k image)I was supposed to stop scanning on here at 9pm to watch 24. All my co-workers talk about it 24-7. So i thought i would watch it. It’s now after 9.30pm. I guess I missed it. I just spent an hour moving my COLLEGE YEARS fotos to the foto gallery. I also scanned in the second section of that. The College Years II. Mad fun. This collection takes place in Rockville and DC primarily as I was then back at home taking audio classes in Virginia. Blah blah. Mom and me had dinner in tonight. We had leftover chinese food. That is one of my favorite things ever. Then i had some Carvel chocolate icecream cake. Mega yum!

I do wonder about this crazy lady who killed her 5 kids. What about her shrinks? What about her family? What about her fucking husband? They are just as guilty as her. Fuck them all. Poor kids. Was she from new jersey? Maybe Texas? Hmmm. I just hope she goes to jail.

Things to do:
*fill out passport forms
*make mix tape for emily
*copy a few cds for brea
*clean room
*scan more college fotos from tn
*contemplate scanning high school fotos
*play with new toy trans am car emily got me
*catch up with christy, as i’ve not talked to her in ages
*do taxes
*visit daniel in philly
*visit feetnik in new orleans
*visit new york city
*make appointment with dentist
*deposit check from sold camera lens
*pay credit card bill

sorry about machine – was over in berkeley and will be in the studio this afternoon/tonight too.guy from ascap is out until tomorrow a.m., I’ll call immediately after I speak with him.The Wood is all me. inspired by Prince – turn on the box (in this case kurzweil) and use it, but thank god for that voice. Pro Tools obviously indispensible.I’ve made the master’s master of the two tracks – should I send them to colorado after we speak? send to you?