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Channukah Party With The New York Family

Two things:

1. My family is incredibly insane.

2. It’s what makes them so incredibly awesome.

We headed up North on Friday. It was supposed to be a leisurely trip to Princeton, NJ to meet up with Connie and Bill for lunch. And in reality it was, however the morning was spent running around doing everything. I did get to go to the car mechanic and while I waited for him to finish changing the oil, I got to walk to the Fells Point Post Office (which is always a treat) and picked up a few baked goods for Connie and Bill at the panadería. Yum. Their house was amazing. They had a 1850s Steinway Grand Piano which was dwarfed by a 1940s hand-made-by-their-friends Harpsichord which I got to sit down at. It made me so nervous just sitting in front of it dittling a few notes. It’s interesting how there are no hammers like a piano. Harpsichords rely on a plucking mechanism. I guess that’s how it gets it’s killer attack and brightness in it’s sound. We didn’t stay there too long because of the forthcoming NYC traffic on our way to Rye. So after our tea and cookies we headed to Rye.

We got in to Rye in remarkable time considering there was little to no traffic during the tail end of rush hour. We had dinner and started the gossiping.

Saturday, Emily hooked up with Marisa and Aunt Kathi, as well as Lauren (my cousin’s cousin) and Marisa’s maid of honor to finalize Marisa’s wedding dress decisions. While they were doing the girlie thing, I met up with Zack in The Bronx at a garden he volunteers at. It was my first destination in NYC solo. I did it pretty well. He suggested taking a bus, but I sorta have an irrational fear of buses. I much more prefer and insist on trains and subways. So I took the D train and had to walk a bit, but it was no big deal. It was freezing, but we really worked hard so we didn’t notice it. They had just received a HUGE dumping of local compost so we filled up 4 raised vegetable boxes and turned the soil and put down crop cover seeds. We took down an invasive mulberry and chopped it up and did general cleaning. What was cool was they had this tower there. It looked like it was about 40 feet tall. Zack said they use it to put themselves in when there is a bulldozer there from the city trying to bulldoze a garden. It’s allegedly been used in gardens all over New York City. They also had a tree house for the kids in the ‘hood as well as a huge web up in a tall tree that people use to keep the watch on the police and/or bulldozers when there is a fear of bulldozing. It’s really an organized system. Regardless Zack really knows his shit and inspires me on a daily basis. I am really proud of that little snot rag.

Saturday night the boys and girls all met up in Chinatown for some Chinese food. Go figure. It was super tasty and for 9 people and under $100, it can’t be beat. After that we had bubble tea which is basically tea with tapioca pearls. It’s so yummy. After that we took Metro North back to Rye to eat bobka and drink tea while we watched Saturday Night Live.

Sunday we drove to Zack’s place in Queens, not too far from where my Father and Zack’s father grew up. I really like his hood. It sorta felt like home, if that makes any sense. We spent some time talking Lomo (against Emily’s silent will) and then we got started on cooking the big Channukah feast. We made fried okra, which was amazing and nothing like southern okra. I actually enjoyed it muchly. We also had a feta & chickpea salad (which Emily ate an amazing amount) and a normal salad. The “main course” was pan fried latkes, which is simply Yiddish for potato pancakes. It was a great Channukah. Nothing better than with family.

Monday, sadly, we had to head home. But it was a good and relaxing, if not jam packed, time.

Pictures are here.

Oh and I learned from my Aunt that men simply hunt & gather and women make decisions. 😉

Salt Lake – Minneapolis – The Gates

Well, I made it through my second trip to Salt Lake City. And I don’t think I’ve ever eaten any more meat on this trip than any other. It’s amazing how well I can eat on everyone else’s dime. But on the bright side when booking my flights, I arranged a 4 hour layover in Minneapolis on my way back, so I could chill in the city for a bit, check out their subway and visit 1st Avenue Club. I succeeded in it all. Minneapolis is a neat city. Their transit system and light rail is suitable and colorful and 1st Avenue was awesome. I got to see all the stars on the building and was totally a tourist at that moment.

Pictures from Utah/Minneapolis:

And I finally got my pictures of the Gates up from our trip to NY a few weeks ago with my cousins. It was very cool. However, not breathtaking. Not mezmorizing. Nothing like the hype machine. But none the less, it was interesting and a great feat for an artist to do something like this in a park.

Pictures from The Gates:

i hate a lot today

there is no more trade center…i cant fathom this idea..it’s a bad movie…i still am dealing with the fact that this is real…

my family is fine…still trying to get in touch with my uncle as he works in NYC…

i am still very shaken up…

my heart goes out to all the families that have lost today…

please take care

lots of love,