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There’s No Pussy In Team

…a few things things that drive me nuts about (our) cats.

  1. They refuse to learn.
  2. When you are feeding them they get on top of the bowl so that you end up showering them with their food and it gets all over the place. I guess eventually it all is eaten, it’s just so cat-like and gets on my nerves. It also doesn’t help with their unnaturally obsessive behavior surrounding food.
  3. When you are running down the stairs and the cat(s) are at the bottom of the stairs, you would think they would move out of the way. But no. They just sit there waiting to see what would happen if I happened to trip on them. Instead I put on the breaks and look and feel like an asshole. Way to go pussies. Note: This can actually take place anywhere in the house and is not limited to the confines of the stairs.

I assume this will be a long standing series.

This has helped immensely. Much needed therapy. Thank you and goodnight.