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curtis mayfield

imygod, its elliot and the class with mia and her hammToday was prolly one of the most hectic days in the history of Mat in the work force.

Mat’s chores for the day:

  1. Finish POP display for the Beetle and Suzuki SUV we’re giving away…can you believe the 8.5×11″ display was over 20megs large!
  2. Create a 468×60 web ad for a show one of the DJs has
  3. Update the weekly playlist (with CD cover)
  4. Update the concerts page
  5. Add DJ appearances
  6. Fix up the DJ Bio pages and make sure there were no Javascript errors – also added one DJ who was just temporarily added
  7. Worked on T Shirt ideas and mock ups
  8. Talked with the engineers about getting the ISDN lines for when we go bowling with Weezer next week
  9. Daydreamed about Olympus Mons Records
  10. Helped the webmaster for the Oldies station with a databasing problem

n Freedom came in this morning so I got to the station a little early. They have that girl Ms. Mia Hamm. Supposedly she is this huge name. But I had never heard of her. I don’t go outside often. She was in the Olympics I think. Olympus is close to Olympics, weird. So yes, my day was a little jam packed. I didn’t even get to check my email, so when I came home I had 20 emails in one box. And 5 in my super special one. Mens sana in corpore sano.

Tonight I talked with Daniel’s old roommate JOE. He works at CDNOW and is helping me with distribution problems i have encountered. I think we have it all under control. I called the # that JOE answered at cos that is where Daniel used to live at. I got his new # and tried him there, but he wasn’t there. Bastard! He is coming down to work on TheBOBmons. Well sorta, more separately. I plan to layer his work with my shit and he’s prolly gonna lay down some booty drum tracks for me for MONS III. Yeah. Very swell guy. It’s very bizarre to me that my friends actually read this shit. I prolly offend a lot of them. I hope they realize this is for me. I write what I think, be it good or bad. Speaking of my friends. I saw Becca the other day on the way to the video store. She was walking her dog. I rarely see her anymore. It’s so ironic cos she lives down the street. I see her next door neighbor everyday, cos we work together. Bizarre. And I got to speak to Karin the other day too. We speak seldom, but it’s great catching up on the phone. Karin to this day is one of the most honest and down to earth girls I know who is the least vain, even with guys I know. Neat. So after I tried talking to Daniel but in turn talked to JOE, I got a call from Feets, cos she called me when I was at Bagel City with my Mother and I didn’t want to be “that guy on the cell phone.” We had been playing phone tag for almost a week now. So I finally got her tagged last. Wooo! It’s always very refreshing talking to Feets. She is the funkster. Granted I love the funk, but I am not really the funkman. What originally attracted me to her was her profound love and knowledge for the FUNK MUSIC. I was like, “this is nuts!” She knew more about this one genre than about anything else. That was sexy. Still blows my mind away. Wooo! Thanks for the funk Ms Hayes.