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the insanity of feeble humans amazes me

thanks mr crucifux  -  jesustwat (12k image)From�:� “L-Soft list server at America Online, Inc. (1.8e)” Subject�:� Command confirmation request cancelled
Date�:� Mon, 23 Dec 2002 19:00:00 -0500

Your command: SUBSCRIBE TOURBUS Anonymous

has remained unconfirmed� for more than 48h and is� being cancelled. If you did want it executed but were unable to send the confirmation in time, just re-issue the command to get a new� confirmation code. The one you were sent before can no longer be used.

People who try and fuck with me amaze me. Luckily it only wasted 5 minutes of my day and at least I have a job that was paying during the day when I happened to clean out my email trash can. So in the end, some one tried to fuck with me and they basically paid me in doing so, in turn. Fault or not, thanks! And I wish i could return the favor.

Yeah, I only have 3 more hours of work until my long awaited vacation. And my parents are in NYC for the night only to go to Boston the next day to pack up a lot of my Grandfather’s stuff to ship down here. He has some pretty dope couches and chairs from the 50s that will rock me and Emily’s new house. So other than that, we’re wrapping CHRISTmas gifts tonight and then I am going home to help Laura fix her computer that got that nasty virus. And what’s up with the traffic. I got to her place in Takoma Park in less than 30 minutes from Rockville. Usually it takes over 60 mins from work. So this was great. It must have been because of the goys taking off to get ready to sing happy birthday to good ol’ jc. Those jesus lovers have one benefit to this world that happens leading right up to christmas and on christmas. The one thing they provide are driver free roads for us non-lemmings of this world. And Chinese food I will have.

yup, it’s an opiate for the masses

P.S. And yeah, Emily rocks my world.

:: favorite judge?
39.2% :: wopner
32.1% :: reinhold
17.8% :: judy
07.1% :: mathis
03.5% :: jeffrey