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i love passover foot

Last night I went to the Papa Roach show at 930 Club. Around 9.45pm Jamie came to my house. After the 1st Passover Sedar of course. So yeah, he came over at 9.45 and we headed out to the station. There i showed him around a little. It’s a little different at a radio station at night. Much more active during the day. I introduced him to the overnight jock. And introduced him to the prize closet. That he definately liked and all the mints and ear plugs he could handle! Then we took the DC101 van down to the 930 Club. Finally i got to take it down. I was waiting for this for a long time actually. Rule #1: Don’t throw T-shirts to anyone who asks for them from the van while driving.

So Jamie and I finally get to 930 Club with out killing anyone. We walk in hear some band. Who is it? We totally couldnt tell who it was. Then i asked one of the dirty white hat angst ridden high school fool what time this band started. He replied in that sullen way “5 Minutes ago” So it could have been “The” band, but we werent yet sure. Somehow from the very introspective banter from the singer we deducted that it was the Papa Roach. Or “Pee Roach” as they called it. The show it self was very entertaining. Very high energy tunes. A lot of it reminded me of washed out Sabbath tunes. Some of my favorite line from the angst ridden singer were:

“Hate your family!” – that is a good thing to teach a 16 year old angst driven kid

“I want you to watch out for the (BUUUUUUURP) ladies, and no (BURRRRRRRRP) fondling and shit, (BUUUUUUUUUURP), where’s my beer bong?”

“I dont see enough crowd surfing going on out there”

“Where are those lighters?!”

So it was pretty cliche. One thing I noticed were the abundances of ugly ladies. What is it with ugly music comes ugly ladies. I love my indie rock with all the tight looking ladies. Not sure what it is. There is something about a spandex clad typically overweight lady that makes me ill. Of course she’s always sweaty and singing along to the music. Holding her beer up like god is in front of her. What idols we have these days? Regardless of the scene and crowd, the show itself was very good. Lots of engery and movement. Something you dont see at shows anymore. The band was very excited to play and very excited to put on a good show. Something I wish all the indie rock bands would adopt.

And of course on the way home, what did we find. “Dude, any Tshirts in there?!” Of course he was borderline white trash, and prolly nicknamed “Bubba” I love it. Those people never cease to amaze me. Rock on. And no Pee Roach didn’t cover Closing Time which I wished they did. Instead they did a nice Faith No More cover that no one knew was a cover except for the fact they announced it.