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i know. we talked about that last night.

gregmatbecca circa 1996 or something.  before greg mendenhall disapeared.  (10k image)Soundtrack for the party: Parliament’s tear the roof off, Soul Coughing’s ruby vroom, Prince’s may you live to see the dawn, James Brown’s 20 all time greatest hits, Sly & The Family Stone’s greatest hits, VHS or Beta’s le funk, New Order’s the best of, Trans Am’s t/a, The Velvet Underground’s first one, Journey’s greatest hits, Abba’s gold, Spinal Tap, Tortoise’s millions now living with never die, Poison’s greatest hits, Michael Jackson’s greatest hits.

So last night was me and my roommate’s joint birthday party. I don’t think I’ve had a party since college. This time it was different, as we spent over $150 on food and over $250 on beer, wine and liquor. But it was a good thing. The girl at the liquor store even carted it out to our car. Fucking crazy. So before every party I’ve done i always create a list of things i think will happen. Here’s that list:

1st to arrive -> Zander/Zac, Roya (Mike from work actually came first)
Last to arrive -> Allison
1st to leave -> Buddy, Zander/Zac
Last to stay not counting people who pass out -> Laura Whelan
Who’s gonna get totally trashed -> Laura Whelan, Charlene, Zander, Stevie V.
Gett naked -> Daniel, Lara Dua
First to hook up -> Stevie V, and Daniel (get your goddam hump on you slut)
First fight -> Daniel vs. Zander in the world series of love, Emily vs. any idiot

So the party was a striking success, at least in my mind. I am pretty paranoid about the success factors of parties. So if i thought it was a success, it really must have been. We actually ended up with more beer than we started with which was what Daniel’s prediction was. We do have a little hard stuff left. But not much. We done good. So much different than in college where all you drank was South Paw (12packs for 3 dollars scare me). And a lot of people drank the Maker’s Mark! Wu! Kentucky reprezented. Whiskey to the rescue. And i finally met Daniel’s old friend Vanessa. She was tres cool and not too shabby looking. And Becca came which totally rocked my world as i hadn’t seen her in ages. And i saw her talk to Daniel which is cool in my paperback book. They would totally get along and they would prolly do a tag team hump on Bjork. And Becca brought a friend from work and Annie B., with whom I’ve not seen since prolly around high school. It was a nice surprise and we got to talk about all her work at National Geographic. I cant wait to see all of Becca’s pictures she took with her swell camera. And check it. Becca’s got boobs again. The world is a better place when Becca has boobs. And Zander was wearing his WWJJD? (what would joan jett do?) tshirt. Fucking rock. Thanks for the updated Trivial Pursuit guys. And J.G.: sorry my friends are all so wack.

It was weird not having my digital camera this time through. But i did take a roll of 35mm film with my Lomo. And a flash. Fucking shit. I’ll have those pictures up later this week. It’s time to get shit done with Emily even though i have a minor hangover. We have a lot of stuff to get done today.

thebobgreene: did you take the pizza off the turntable yet?
mat: there are beers in my hair

c u next tuesday and watch hardcore celebs

executive perks - eltigre2 (13k image)One thing I never thought I would ever get in to was studio photography. It was just too clinical and hospital-like and white-tile-freshly-comet-ed for me. I need it just a little bit rough around the edges. A little dirt under the nail. A little less controlled. But since we’ve been contracted for a handful of studio gigs coming up soon I’ve decided to learn up on studio equipment and all that is entailed with such an aspect of photography. Luckily Emily is pretty well versed in this, but it’s actually turning out to be quite interesting. I’ve been messing around with different combinations of studio strobes and umbrellas and sploofs or whatever they call those focusing things and changing to half power on the box, for example. I am changing the heights and the angles. All this change actually makes a difference with the flash meter. It’s like geek shit. And it’s getting pretty exciting with how much control you can have. It’s just interesting to me, as i’ve only really enjoyed taking shots of bands at concerts and shows and those things I had little control over, except for predicting the shot. This only got better the more and more i shot bands and was that much easier after I saw the same band over and over. This new aspect of photography is an empowering aspect that is warmly embracing me. Oh yeah, and the money is sick.

So tonight is me and my roomates party. I have a few friends and relatives who will be in town for the anti-war protest, so hopefully they’ll be coming over for the par-tay. It’ll be crazy, i tell you. I dont think i’ve had a swank scheduled party since college. It’s an exciting thing. And i’ve not had my allergy pill all week so i can drink a few beers or wine. Hell, maybe i’ll even smoke some herbal momma. Anyways. It’ll be a great time and it’ll be funny seeing Buddy rock out to the Prince Dance Mix i am working on. Hell it’ll be funny seeing Zander and Buddy grinding together. Gett off.

Shit I really have nothing else say, and I really should be cleaning up the house and doing some productive things to get ready for the party. So i will.