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Good Yontif!

Well, we survived yet another Passover with the family.

I actually like Passover. It has a great story. It has great food, of course. And it’s a great time of the year. Everything is completely symbolic, like most Jewish holidays and for me it’s about change. More so than Rosh Hashana which is the Jewish New Year and most typically about change.

This year Marilyn and Barry and the Rubin’s came over. Marilyn and Barry are Conservative Jews. They actually don’t skip pages from the Haggadah which is the book you follow during Passover. Needless to say the Sedar was about four times longer than it normally was. I thought everyone was getting impatient and I think everyone was for the most part as we had all done this many times before. Emily had been to a few of our Sedars. We like to call them quaintly abridged. So for her it was nice to actually get to relax with the story of Passover and learn something new. However, I was kind of irritated they didn’t let us lead considering we were hosting the Sedar and 8 out of the 10 people there were Reform. Like we don’t know what were doing because we’re Reform. Bah! We were all just hungry and irritable. Sue us.

Oh yeah, and enjoy the new design.