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My Workflow Needs To Get Organized

I recorded a ¬†jazz quartet yesterday. Sure I went a little overkill on the micing of the drums, but you never know what you need. For jazz, I 99% of the time, only use the bass drum, snare and overhead, but I like to have other mics (toms, room, PZM, etc…just in case. Anyways. Because this was jazz and recorded live, my patchbay was a little nasty. I really need to get track sheets made up.

My Life In Wires

Basically for the past few weeks I’ve been building my patchbay. It’s the heart of any studio. It consists of hundreds of wires criss-crossing behind the console. Patchbays exist so one doesn’t have to rewire the console in the back every time you want to change something. This way, it’s all in the front and accessible. Anyways, this picture has been my life for the past few weeks. Now to manage these cables and clean it all up. Thank the lord for bike hooks.