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Are my methods unsound?

It’s Monday. We had off today. We did housey stuff most of the day. And took a walk to the Co-Op with Frankie.

After Emily made salmon and salad for dinner we went upstairs to see what was on crappy-monday-night-television.

Nothing better than 2 Fast 2 Furious. Paul Walker is next to godly in his acting abilities. He’s mesmerizing. He reminded me of Marlon Brando playing Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.

But not more than 15 minutes in to the film came the best line. The best line of any movie. The best line of the century. And elsewhere.

Picture, if you will. A street race. Four cars, that really were rocket ships that didn’t leave the ground, jumping off a draw bridge. The ‘girl’ racer of the group while in mid-air screams, “Whoa, smack that ass!”

While it was a great line and encompassed pristine acting, I truly believe Devon Aoki really matured with her role in D.E.B.S. In my personal opinion.

However, one can not really write a script better than that. But I’d bet money Paul Verhoeven could.