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RSS Feeds And Pet Peeves


I’ve been using Google’s RSS Reader for about a year and a half now. David O. made me a convert. I liked how it was a (simple) web application and that I could log in to from any computer (of course this was prior to owning a MacBook) – But still. I felt it was way easier to keep up with my friends’ websites and what not. (This was also before Google Sync – So I couldn’t sync my bookmarks between work and home.) Originally, in turn, my RSS Reader became my bookmarks.

So, I know a lot of people are not in to RSS as it takes away from the design elements and user experience of websites. Many of which are quite enjoyable. Let’s be real. How could the Viking Kittens be fed through an RSS Reader? Of course it’s just not possible. Sadly.

In reality, I go back and forth about this. It’s a moral dilemma. I can totally appreciate great design. And then I visit that site with a stellar Flash interface and when I want to get in touch with the author to compliment them on their 45gig conglomerate of a website, I click on “contact,” for example, I get this stellar animation with an envelope coming back from the lips of a person’s face (of course it’s licking the digital stamp). Then it’s flying off the screen with envelope wings to a digital mailbox in the sky. The animation is incredible, jaw dropping and gives me flashbacks with the circles and percentages filling to 100% while it’s loading, but in the time it took to load and animate I had already walked down the hall and taken a dump, cleaned the cat litter and taken Frankie around the block. That’s what gets on my nerves and makes me want to only look at websites via their RSS feeds. Just like the days in early college when we only had Lynx and it was all text.

Anyways, it got me to thinking how many of you use my feed.

PS. If you don’t know what RSS Feeds are, vote No.

iCal Displaying The Correct Date In The Dock

I am the last person to nitpick OSX. I feel it’s a wonderful, stable and intuitive operating system. And after using DOS and Windows-based systems for over 10 years it was a breath of fresh air to use an OS so stable and pretty.


My only pet pet peve in my 5 years experience of using OSX is with a Dock item. iCal’s to be precise. It’s stuck on the July 17th prior to opening the application. Why o’ why did they do this? They think of everything else and leave this! It’s saddens me. I am sure there is a complicated hack to fix this and I’ve contemplated it, but why mess with it. Right?

In reality if this is the worst part of OSX, I think the folks at Apple are doing a fine, fine job.


There’s No Pussy In Team

…a few things things that drive me nuts about (our) cats.

  1. They refuse to learn.
  2. When you are feeding them they get on top of the bowl so that you end up showering them with their food and it gets all over the place. I guess eventually it all is eaten, it’s just so cat-like and gets on my nerves. It also doesn’t help with their unnaturally obsessive behavior surrounding food.
  3. When you are running down the stairs and the cat(s) are at the bottom of the stairs, you would think they would move out of the way. But no. They just sit there waiting to see what would happen if I happened to trip on them. Instead I put on the breaks and look and feel like an asshole. Way to go pussies. Note: This can actually take place anywhere in the house and is not limited to the confines of the stairs.

I assume this will be a long standing series.

This has helped immensely. Much needed therapy. Thank you and goodnight.