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two tubes are better than oneSo lately everyone I know is getting married. It’s quite the phenomenon. I loved when Prince got married and then he annulled the marriage cos he didn’t want to be all institutionalized, so to speak. That was bad ass. But seriously, I think about marriage a lot. Who will it be. Will I be one? Does getting married help anything? Other than with legalities? Can you do the same things with out that piece of paper? I was never big on diamonds. I think they are too showey. Fuck ’em. If a diamond is a girl’s best friend that girl has got some problems. So I was talking to an old friend last nite and she told me her three dreams. It was cute, cos she was embarrassed. One was to have a house and the other to be a school teacher. Now how is that to be embarrassing. I think those are very attainable and realistic dreams. And there is no reason that this can’t happen. I just want a house. I want to raise my children and run my small label on the side. I am working on the label, but the children have a way to go. Also I want lots of yard for the children so they can run around. None of this growing up in the city. So now all i need is a wife. Don’t think I am getting married anytime soon. But at the same time I really need something new in my life that is full of creativity and emotion and life. Gimme life or gimme death.