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Plumber Butt

The other day I noticed our street was spewing water slowly. I called 311 and the next day there was a crew there digging up the earth or rather the pavement. The water main for our house had a small rupture. It was easily fixable, but it left us with out running water for close to 36 hours. When we were packing the car to Nan’s to shower the main guy said, “Where are you going, we’re gonna turn the water back on now!” – Of course. Go figure. Just our luck. Regardless it was fine and the water did come on.

But the upstairs bathroom toilet did not stop pushing water. Probably unrelated, it was just odd. So it was wait for a plumber after the landlords called one in or I could take it in my own hands. The parts couldn’t be more than $15 and it would only take 30 minutes to replace the parts inside that were faulty. So after weighing the options I decided to do it myself as toilets are fairly simple mechanical devices. It actually wasn’t too bad other than bumping up my knees a bit on the tile. Yay to new innards in our upstairs bathroom. Get your poop on.

Plumber Butt
And thank you Emily for the great documentation of me in my boxers making slight adjustments.

There’s A Hole In The Pooper

So if you look above you can see our Contractor working on our Pooper. We’re getting the washer/dryer moved from the studio to the 2nd floor. We’re doing this for two reasons.

  1. Because doing laundry two floors down sucks ass.
  2. And because we’ll have more room in the actual studio

So, he had to cut a whole in the Pooper to allow for drainage from the washer. It was kinda crazy walking downstairs seeing a huge hole in the Pooper. It was kinda violating. Totally weird watching his assistant holding the part that was taken out and kinda observing it. Almost like she was looking at it meticulously dissecting what we’ve ingested the past few days. Or maybe that was just in my head. Regardless, it was really cool watching and looking and learning. I am contemplating just putting plexi-glass up there instead of drywall as a Pooper installation.