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Am I Buggin’ ya?

Last night before going to bed we were listening to the audio portion of U2’s Rattle and Hum movie I transfered to my iPod. I like the movie audio better than the CD version. It’s less cleaned up and edited. It’s raw. It’s how they are live. Voice cracks (Sunday Bloody Sunday) and wrong notes stuck in the delay chain (In God’s Country) and all.

We got to thinking about political bands. Since U2 in the 80s has there really been a band in the spotlight that has been as successful or even close to that of U2? I am not sure that Green Day, et al counts with their one notably political record as they are not really a political band, per se. While it is laudable having a post 9-11/anyone-but-Bush attitude, it doesn’t really constitute being a political band, in my eyes. Any takers on this one?

On a side note, it’s amazing what they have accomplished in their lifetime. Hearing this audio of Rattle and Hum reminded me of how powerful they were (and still sort of are) – not in the sense of media saturation or money they net at concerts, but how their quite simple yet dense music influenced and inspired so many fledgling bands across the world not to mention moved many of people.

I once thought that Adam Clayton was the powerhouse behind U2. Sometimes I still do. There is no one who can produce thundering 1/8th notes like Adam. He means every one and it propels the band further with each note. I can’t begin to go on about the Edge’s guitar work. Besides his “on the verge of being a punk” mannerisms and playing style, his guitar work and sound produced something 20th Century rock music never had been heard before. Larry, the good looking drummer, had a timbale where a rack tom was supposed to go. That my friend is, punk rock. He also had the most resonant floor tom in all of the 80s and 90s recorded music. To this day I dream of tuning a floor tom that deep and ballsy. And Bono. Three Chords and the Truth. Well… you are Bono. You continue to amazing and piss off. I tend to stay on the amaze line.

So, please, by all means, remind us of what other successful political bands there have been since U2. Our brains farted last night.