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Give War A Chance

Today after seeing my fresh nephew and neice in Westminster we dropped by my mother-in-law and boyfriend’s place down the street. There were some “protesters” out with a sign that read: “Give War A Chance” – I am not shitting you. They were serious. I think. And they waved to cars driving by, like they were campaigning.

This is why I don’t live in the country. It’s pretty but the folk scare me out there.

PS. Have we also not given war a chance? If 5 years not enough maybe another 3,000 soldiers dead will be enough for you?

404 Long Days and Nights

Forget about the fact that The House Passed a $696B Defense Policy Bill. That news is simply boring and moderately irrelivant. What’s awesome in this world is the fact that Lost is back in 2008.