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pull me under, pull me under – i’m not afraid

and he is fucking cooler than you.  look at that 'stache!  wish you had one!  i know it!  bun-e-carlos (9k image)I never really liked Foreigner. Like those dumb 70s bands like Styx and Loverboy and Meat Loaf. They just kinda bored me. Too much “drama” and “acting” and “theater”. Yeah, those kinda people just make me wanna puke. And why did all those people who were like that in high school like They Might Be Giants. Yowza! Go figure. Anyways. The only reason I bring this up is because Foreigner is doing an acoustic version of the beloved song “Hot Blooded” on the VH1 Classics. Didnt Trans Am do that last summer?

Today after work i decided since I went to Radio Shack during lunch to pick up some supplies that I would allow me to fix my vocoder i broke a week or so ago. I broke one of the inputs. The mic input actually. Since i built that mofo from scratch, fixing it would be pretty simple, but i always seem to get skittish in repair and went in to it with a rather pessimestic outlook. I opened the window and heated up the soldering iron. It was actually pretty smooth. And i had it all fixed up except one contact wire when Daniel came over. So he waited for a bit as I fiddled with it to finish it off. And wham bam, it’s brand new. I even tweaked a few connections so it’s working better than ever. I guess every three years is a good time to drain the oil. Transistor Lube.

Practice was pretty normal tonight. We started learning the new song that is to be a big secret. As secrets should be. It was great though. I have to learn the vocals better with the vocoder. But it will be great and when you hear it, you’ll prolly not realize what the song is until the key change. Cos that key change is so great and so obvious. Fucking amazing. G# -> C is the bomb ass digity. And tonight Emily went to see The Godfather II with Nelissa and Katie in Georgetown. I was kinda jealous, but I had Silver Sessions booked solid. Maybe next time. And Bush spoke tonight. It was so informatice. I dont know why they just didnt play a tape of him saying NUCULAR over and over again from a few weeks ago. Great speech kiddo. Maybe next time you will tell us something new and exciting.

Tomorrow is Friday and that is a good thing. I get to unveil a new website at work. That will be the most exiting thing tomorrow. Yup. It’s a wild life. After work me and Emily are getting mailers for our portraits to get ready to be shipped. Wu! And Saturday we’re going to get dinner with Daniel and his new girlie girl. We’ll also be working out when our first Silver Sessions show will be. Details coming soon. And the vocoder will never sound better. I cant remember what else is going on on Saturday. But by then Emily’s kitchen should be clean.

Oh yeah. And there are a few new Soul Coughing live CDs coming out. And my photography will be in at least one of them. I am getting the proofs this week to approve. Fucking wild and weird at the same time. My Pentax Spotmatic would be so proud.

Oh my god. And now Dream Theatre’s PULL ME UNDER is on the VH1 Classic. That is so making me think of Summer of 1992. And reading Modern Drummer and finding out that the drummer, Mike Portnoy, triggered his snare drum on that CD. Why i remember that? It’s almost eerie.