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the cigarette girl from the future

zander as a spaceman (13k image)Today was a strange day. Nothing too exciting happened. All the sales people were out in a meeting, so it was quiet and a nice quiet it was. Those sales people can be the bane of my existance at times. Other times, like when one is taking me and Emily and Mike and some other people at work to Snowshoe Mountain for an all expenses paid Skiing and Snowmobiling weekend, they can redeem themselves. I am just excited for the train. Mike said this is the train that goes to Chicago, so it’s the double decker one. The ones with the sleep cars. I dont think we get the sleep cars, but we get the observatory ones with the food and beer and cushy chairs. God i need to get out of here and out to some place not near a city for a weekend. And I am really hoping I get to go snowmobiling. That sounds incredibly fun. Maybe i’ll get to use my fisheye there.

I finally moved 85% of my stuff from the 4th floor to my new office on the 6th. I think I moved in October. So that’s like 4 months. Pretty funny if you ask me. I still have some papers and files to move up, or not. We’ll see. I love how my desk is still there though. Too funny.

So I had a talk with my “other” boss at work. He had a talk with the “really” big boss the other day and filled me in. Yes, the raise freeze is still in effect. Pooey. But he said that he will do what he can when he can and as soon as possible. And that I am number one in line. Not sure if he says that to everyone but i certainly do trust the “other” boss. It makes working on my resume that much less tedious. I have actually just put it on Monster to see what the oportunity is out there and I have already got two job offers. One offer being only a mile from my house. But since it’s a 3 month contract I am going to pass it to Emily cos she said she’d be interested. The money is there, but the work and fact that it’s a 3 month contact isnt exactly up my alley. I also looked at some jobs at some labels on the West Coast. There are sooooooo many record marketing and promotion jobs there that I am bred for. But hell if i ever move to the West Coast. Not a chance.

Two big issues i have with the USA right now. #1 is with the pro-lifer fucks. There are now four states that have federally funded license plates that are read “Choose Life” – OK, when did this separation of church and state happen. We’re talking US Constitution. Those plates are unconstitutional! When will those fucking sheep kill themselves. I am so sick of hearing about pro-lifers. Fucking make a decision for yourself. And lets other decide for themselves as well. Fuck off! And one more thing: Fuck off! And like Emily just said, the next thing we’ll see is a plate for the KKK. That will be the day. And #2 is with this reporter that just got killed near Afghanistan. I know it’s awful. It sucks for him and his family and friends. But come on. Are you an idiot? You know these terrorists hate the media. You work for the media so they wont like you. They will prolly kill you if they see you. So fucking shit. I know I would be as close as possible to it. uh. And i am sure they are gonna make this dude in to some sort of hero. He wasnt a hero. He was a schmuck for being there. If they should blame anyone they should blame the company he worked for. Hell, what the fuck kind of country do we live in. We’re killing ourselves blindly. Ugh.

emufella: i want cow shit on a virgin mary on my license plate

In other more hopeful news, I got the chance to talk to my friend who lives a bit up north. It turns out he is thinking of moving to Baltimore. He’s gonna relocate with his job. And since he is going to be living closer, we are gonna have time to work on the record label full time now. That and we’ll be able to do more music as an ensemble. Maybe even start doing shows regularly. If he moves I will be in heaven. My label will finally take off and my music will finally be out there. As well as his. My goal is to have OM Records up and running this summer or late summer with my main office in Gaithersburg in my new house, and have the studios in my parents basement where the sound is most proofed. Proofed. Yes. And Emily has offered her services to do all graphic design. I love her work, so it’ll will be a well oiled machine. This is something i’ve been working for my whole life. Now i just have to track now Marky D again.

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it’s kind of hard to explain….but essentially i’m a dispatcher…

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like danny devito in taxi…..but different.

And i just found out i got a package. It was from Zander. He finally mailed me the receipt for the book he got me for my birthday that I already had! It’s all about the thought. At least he got me something. Mega nice of him to get me the receipt to pick out something else. Cool dude. And better yet, he made me a mix tape on a Maxell XLII tape. The best for mix tapes. Yum! Looking forward to the Posies cover of the Beatles’ Dear Prudence. Mad cool. And the Geraldine Fibbers cover of Can’s Yoo Doo Right. Not a Geraldine fan, so it’ll be a good mix. I love mix tapes. The secret way to Mat’s heart. Shortly after his tummy. And what is up with Mac from Superchunk. His voice goes up one octave every CD he puts out!