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Gravity’s Angel

Feetnik is in town! On her book signing tour, of course. You bring a book. She’ll sign it. You get the idea.

Yesterday after a nice lunch and cheap beer at Savory we hit up David R’s suggestion of Crooked Beat Records on 18th Street and Orpheus in Arlington, Virginia. Crooked Beat was pretty neat. It was tiny and owned by indie-rocking looking people. They had a good selection and a ton of recent music on vinyl. I was pretty amazed, but not really interested. Then we made our way to Viriginia which is always moderately nerve-wracking as Virginia isn’t as neatly layed out as DC. This time however, it was maps.google.com’s fault. We got all f’d up around Dupont Circle which is funny, because I know that area pretty well. We did finally get to Orpheus. That place is the shit. The records are in excellent condition and the isles go on for miles. They even have a Space Age Bachelor Pop section. Not to mention Crazy Carl’s Weird Music section. Plus the owner was kick ass and had a cool beard and knew where all his records were in his huge store. Kick ass.

These are the records I picked up:

  1. The Ted Heath Orchestra Plays the Beatles, Bach and Bacharach (London’s Phase 4 Records)
  2. Stevie Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life (Tamla)
  3. Enoch Light & the Light Brigade’s Future Sound Shock (Project 3 Records)
  4. Muzak’s Stimulus Progression 5 (Muzak Corporation)
  5. Enoch Light & the Light Brigade’s Dimension 3 (Command Records)
  6. Brian Wilson’s Smile (Warner Bros. Records)
  7. Getting Through: A Guide to better understanding the hard of hearing (Zenith Records)
  8. Laurie Anderson’s Mister Heartbreak (Warner Bros. Records)

So that’s that. Here’s the information about the record stores we went to. I highly recommend both. Orpheus being slightly better for selection and the assistance of their owner. Not to mention a better vinyl smell. The guys at Crooked Beat were more interested in what they were playing over the stereo.

Crooked Beat Records (in Adam’s Morgan)
2318 18th St NW
Washington, DC 20009
Hours Mon-Wed 12-9 Thurs-Sat 12-10 Sun 12-7

Orpheus Records
3713 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA
Monday-Saturday: 12pm- 10pm Sunday: 1pm- 8pm

And after that we listened to some stunes, cleaned up a bit and hit up Samantha’s in Silver Spring for some mexican and margarita’s with Gordon joining us. It was a blast.

Now it’s time to move radiators. Yay.