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My Heart Is

It’s been a while, huh? I’ve been busy being a part-time stay-at-home daddy and part-timer producer in between moving the car for street cleaning.

Lily is growing amazingly. She’s walking like a champ. She’s eating everything. Her favs are curry chicken/shrimp and edamame. She’s also been known to eat onions. Clearly she has Mommy’s palate. It still amazes me how Lily completely skipped mushy food. Which is good because kids with food all over their face kind of drives me nuts.

This past week I’ve been tracking this band from Annapolis. This is the first band I’ve done at the Studio where I feel like I’ve had the time to do what I want with them. And vise-versa for them with me. We tracked drums the first day. The drummer had 8 toms. I am serious. 6 rack toms and 2 floor toms. Usually one uses 2 overhead mics. I had to use 3 including one “center” mic. It was amazing. In that Alex Van Halen kind of way. The funny (slightly irritating) thing was that the drummer rarely used his toms. Go figure. Regardless the tracking went well and at the end of the day we tracked acoustic guitars. The second day was all electric guitars and vocals. Today was finishing the leads and I added some percussion. At the end of the day we did  a rough mix and while nowhere near finished it’s a good start. Even after 3 12-14 hour days I am kind of exhausted, but it’s an awesome exhaustion. While I love recording hip-hop, and seem to do a lot of it, there’s something about setting up more than one mic that really gets me going. That and the difference between good and bad hip-hop is vastly more contrasting than other genres I’ve recorded.

Oh and the other night we did our first Micro-Show at the Studio and it went great. We had a bunch of people show up and the recording is grrrrrrreat. That and people from WTMD and the City Paper showed up. Yay! Emily is the queen of marketing and promotion. THE QUEEN.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Anyone else ready for some single digit weather? This 60+ degree BS has to end soon or else we’re packing our bags for Montréal.