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hot pants get hotter cheeks

Soundtrack of the beach: The Clash’s rockers galore, Stevie Wonder’s 07*04*73, JSBX’s extra width, The Dismemberment Plan’s emergency and i, The Who’s maximum r&b vol 3, Frank Zappa’s Joe’s Garage acts i, ii & iii, Television’s the blow up, J Mascis & the Fog’s more light, Tempo Team 7″, Mons’ stimulus frequency for the localization of sound in space, Sonic Youth’s sceaming fields of sonic love, Sunny Day Real Estate’s diary, Prince’s HITS/B SIDES, Joy Division’s substance, The White Stripes’ destill, Polvo’s celebrate the new dark age, & Frank Zappa’s Hot Rats.

I left for the beach on Friday after work. I got to leave a little early as there was little work to do. I hit the road around 4.30pm. I love road trips. I wish I could get paid to drive people everywhere. Anyways. The directions I got or the fact that the roads in Delaware are fucked ended up making Mat mega-confused and ended up getting very disoriented for a bit. I called Zander and talked to his step-father. He said “oh boy” a lot and got me more worried than I should have been. Using my not too instinctual driving instincts I made it there on time! Zander’s mom rocked. She was so cute for a 47 year old mommy. Hot pants man! She even got to see the Stones in ’74. That rules.

So as soon as i got there we headed out to the beach to get some grub. We went to “Dos Locos” – Two crazies?! I got fajitas with chicken. Yum! Mega good and our waitress was from ireland. I thought that was pretty funny. The step-dad talked very little. I had a Corona and Zander’s mom had a Coors light. We walked around the boardwalk for a bit looking at all the stylish whitetrash for a bit. Then we got back and I got to hear what Zander had been recording all summer. Some of it was pretty interesting. The drums were very below par for my standards. But in general i was very happy he was happy with what he did, however. Hopefully after he re-tracks it all, the drums will sound mucho better! Do it to it.

I couldnt stay awake and was in bed by 12.30am. I was exhausted. I fell asleep almost instantly, but woke up at 7.30 am cos my phone wakes me up then for work. Dammit! I did get back to sleep for a few more hours. I finally awoke again and the moms had coffee (black, like my soul- coffee) and these cool apple pastery things that i am going to make everyday for the rest of my life. Damn good they were. So basically we headed out to the beach after that. It was awesome. The water was superb! The sun was superb. I am tan. Well I guess less white than normal. And i got to wear my yellow “Gopher Baroque” tshirt that I always wear at the beach. I also re-affirmed my love for the women’s body. God it’s a tasty thing.

After we were done at the beach we went to get some grub. Yum. Zander saw an old high school friend who kept on staring at me like she knew me and wanted me to say something, or she just wanted to steal my tshirt.

So my mini-beach-vacation rules. I so needed it. I hope to do it again in a few weeks. Maybe in mid september. I just always have the best thoughts and memories from beaches. Cape Cod, Massachusettes all thru my childhood. Ocean City, MD with Zut. Destin, FLA with Feetnik and Gabe and Charlene. The list goes on. Now i can say ReHOBOth, DE with Zander.

Time to get piss drunk.